Our Website Is Our Office — Access Your Entire Account Online

We believe in being transparent with our clients —so you can access your entire account online at any time! No need to wait for an analytics report, SEO report, time tracking, and task management update!
Advanced Google Analytics Reporting And Tracking

Advanced Analytics Reporting Advanced Google Analytics Reporting And Tracking

Our Advanced Analytics Reporting give you access to realtime data whenever you need to see it.
SEO Web Design Reporting And Optimization

SEO Web Design Platform SEO Web Design Reporting And Optimization

See up-to-the day SEO ranking and technical analysis reports as well as who is linking to you.
Online SEO Web Design Company Dashboard

Online Project Management Online SEO Web Design Company Dashboard

See the most important items right away as soon as you log in. Check out tasks, and important dates coming up.
Online Bill Payment For SEO Web Design Services

Pay Your Bill Online Online Bill Payment For SEO Web Design Services

Your invoice history and our online bill payment system is at your disposal. You're able to keep a credit card on file!
Project Management For SEO Web Design

Task Management Project Management For SEO Web Design

Want to know what we are working on? Check out the task management system to see the progress on tasks!
Time Tracking And Reporting For SEO Web Design Company

Time Tracking Time Tracking And Reporting For SEO Web Design Company

If you have purchased hours from us, you can keep track of how many hours we have spent on your account.

Geoffresh Inc. is a internet marketing agency that specializes in SEO Web Design, Internet Marketing Consulting, and Affordable Internet Marketing for a diverse array of clients in different competitive industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, law enforcement, entertainment, and small businesses.

Founded May 6th, 2007 by Geoffrey Pyrzynski, Geoffresh was run first as a sole proprietorship called Geoffresh Productions, focused on video production and web development. In November 2012 the company expanded its offerings with the addition of social media and brand image management services when Stephanie Pyrzynski joined up. Today, Geoffresh Inc. is a husband and wife run agency with its headquarters in Tinley Park, IL. 

Where Geoffrey specializes more in the technical and mechanical areas, Stephanie specializes in PR strategy and design. Together, they compliment each other and create a well-rounded approach to helping businesses market themselves well. 

Geoffrey PyrzynskiGeoffrey Pyrzynski - President

Geoffrey Pyrzynski started this business back in 2007 with a desire to help business get online properly. He aimed to be a very transparent company by allowing the client to access their entire account online. Geoffrey's focus is on the technical side of websites and optimization - such as search optimization and website optimization. Through analysis of conversions and traffic paths, Geoffrey helps improve a current website's performance and brings that knowledge to new launches. He is always looking for ways to REFRESH the client's views on their digital presence. 

"We treat our clients like family! Signing up with us means we will be looking out for you and your team and working together to achieve your goals." — Geoffrey


Stephanie PyrzynskiStephanie Pyrzynski - Vice President 

Stephanie Pyrzynski is the creative side of Geoffresh Inc. She is in charge of social media and graphic design as well as web page layout and flow. Stephanie balances out the purely data focused side with the human element - ensuring that webpages look good while Geoffrey ensures that they perform. 

"We will be honest with you when we see something that isn't working and bring to you new approaches we think you should try." — Stephanie 


Eileah PyrzynskiEileah Pyrzynski - Director of Fun

Eileah Pyrzynski is the newest member of the team. She is always looking for ways to improve morale and fun for the team. She is not afraid to speak her mind and call impromptu meetings. She knows when she has to step in so the team doesn't get too involved with work and remembers that the web also has to be fun too. 



Samantha PyrzynskiSamantha Pyrzynski - Head of Security and Assistant To The Director Of Fun

Samantha Pyrzynski watches over the crew and helps out with mandatory breaks. She works closely with Eileah to ensure that while the work can be very data and computer focused, getting out of the chair and walking around can be a huge help.




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