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Advanced Analytics Reporting
Geoffresh Inc's Advanced Analtyics reporting shows your website performance in a dashboard format. Cutting throught he bulk and getitng to what's important with our SEO web design.
SEO Web Design Platform
Check in on your SEO rankings when you want to. We are transpartent with your performance so you don't ahve to wait for a report from us!
Online Project Management System
You have access to our online project management system so you can see what we are working on at any time! Digital marketing can have many different projects running at the same time. We use this system to keep all teams on the same page.
Digital Marketing Calendar
Get access to an online calendar to make sure that all projects are launched at the right time and ads or other projects are stopped at the correct time. We are completely transpartent with your account.
For our hours based accounts, we have time tracking so you can see how much time we have spent on your projects. Now that's transparent!
Pay Your Bill Online!
We accept multiple payment options and you can always see and pay your bill online!

Geoffresh Inc. is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO Web Design, Internet Marketing Consulting, and Affordable Internet Marketing for a broad range of clients in different competitive industries, including manufacturing, medical, entertainment and small businesses. Geoffresh Inc. believes in being transpartent with it's clients - that's why we give you full access to your entire account online. You don't have to wait for a report from us to see how your digital marketing is going!Your Geoffresh Inc. Team - Geoffrey and Stephanie Pyrzynski, and puppy Sammie

Founded May 6th, 2007 by Geoffrey Pyrzynski, Geoffresh was run first as a sole proprietorship called Geoffresh Productions, focused on video production and web development. In November 2012 the company expanded its offerings with the addition of its social media and brand image management services when Stephanie Pyrzynski joined up.

Today, Geoffresh Inc. is a husband and wife run agency with its headquarters in Tinley Park, IL. Read more about our story.

The company has continued to grow and expand, acquiring a diverse array of clients from different fields across the United States. Where Geoffrey specializes more in the technical and mechanical areas, Stephanie specializes in brand image and PR strategy. Together, they compliment each other and create a well-rounded approach to helping businesses market themselves well.


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Our Internet Marketing Certifications

Geoffrey Pyrzynski Google Analytics Certification
Stephanie Pyrzynski Google Analytics Certification
Geoffrey Pyrzynski Bing Ads Certification
Stephanie Pyrzynski Bing Ads Certification
Geoffrey Pyrzynski Google Ads Search Certificaiton
Geoffrey Pyrzynski Google Ads Display Certification
Stephanie Pyrzynski Google Ads Search Certification
Stephanie Pyrzynski Google Ads Display Certification
Geoffrey Pyrzynski Twitter Ads Certification
Stephanie Pyrzynski Twitter Ads Certification
Geoffrey Pyrzynski Facebook Ads Certification

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