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Get rewarded for your loyalty with 13% of the initial term's contract amount of each referral you make to us.

Client Referral Program - Get Paid Per Referral

Successful business is about successful relationships. In growing the businesses of our clients, they and even non-clients find our services so valuable that they choose to refer us to others who can benefit from over a decade of perfecting digital marketing.

Our Client Referral Program is a simple and effective way to deliver referrals you would like to share with us while at the same time allowing us to say thank you through what we feel is a generous referral fee paid directly to you for those prospective clients that ultimately work with our team of digital marketing experts.

How Our Pay-Per-Referral Program Works:

For each referral, you will receive a payment of 13% of the initial term's contract amount. You will receive payment after the term has completed. The initial term is defined by the contract that the client signs up for. If they sign up for a monthly service - you get 13% of the first month's contract amount. If they sign up for a full year, you get 13% of the entire year!

Typically, our referral partners are amazed at how quickly referral fees can add up. Our partners and Geoffresh also benefit from building stronger relationships where everyone benefits from growing new business!

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