4 Digital Marketing Mistakes Too Embarrassing To Ignore

4 Digital Marketing Mistakes Too Embarrassing To Ignore

Sometimes the greatest lessons we can learn are those from others. 

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

We're all human and make mistakes—things happen by accident all the time in every industry. However, mistakes that impact your potential earnings and reputation should try to be avoided. Especially if those mistakes have to do with essentials, like the following real life examples of digital marketing mistakes—made by brands and businesses both big and small. 

5 Reasons to Have an Official Website Over Just Social Media Profiles - Article Header

Social media profiles are free and easy to create, and offer more creative ways to connect your business to many people in local areas than ever before. Still, you shouldn’t use your social media profiles over an official website for your business—yes, even if it's just you. In this article I'm going to breakdown the 5 most important reasons why having an official website over just social media profiles is more powerful.

Geoffresh 15th Anniversary In BusinessGeoffresh SEO Web Design Celebrating 15th Anniversary In Business

Today (May 6th) marks 15 years in business for Geoffresh and they've have been a gift in and of themself, but it’s fitting that the 15th anniversary wedding gift (crystal) should be a perfect symbol for where our business is today: sturdy yet delicate, clear and sharp, just like crystal

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