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Both Google and Bing prefer websites that are optimized. Not only to search engines, but also to the users. That is why they have metrics around landing page experience and quality score in their ads so that with a better score, you get a better discount per click!

Geoffresh Inc SEO Web Design Case Study

SEO Web Design vs. Pretty Web Design — The Cost Of Going With What Looks Good VS What Performs

When it comes down to web design, some companies prefer to have a great looking website over having an SEO website (translation: search engine optimized website). In this case study, we look at what happens when a company switches their strategy from SEO web design to only a "looks forward" and flashy website design.

Geoffresh Inc SEO Web Design Case StudySEO Web Design Case Study - SEO Blog For A Specialty Medical Practice Delivers Qualified Visitors


While performing the SEO and content creation for one of our clients, we were able to bring them more qualified traffic to their website through our new initiative: an SEO blog. Our client uses our SEO Web Design and Internet Marketing Consulting Packages to achieve their success.

Blogs can be seen as a chore for businesses, but they do hold hidden potential. It allows the business to have a more conversational voice with their readers and potential clients, patients, or customers. It allows the business to show that they really are constantly moving forward and not just working in a vacuum. In addition, by applying our SEO to their blog, we were able to get additional traffic to land deeper into their website and not just the homepage.

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