Support Mental Health Company

 Why It's Important To Be A Company That Supports Mental Health

One of the important things that the year 2020 brought awareness to is the importance of mental health. So with mental health becoming more of a focus for people, what should your company be doing?

With worries over health and the economy affecting most employees due to COVID-19, companies are looking for ways to roll out more mental health tools. And—people are starting to look at which companies support and promote mental health, and HOW, especially Gen Z and Millennials who were already prioritizing their mental health pre-pandemic. How you treat your employees should have always been important, but in the 21st century and beyond, companies that contribute to mental health issues and/or don't support employees with mental health challenges will learn that word gets around faster than before. People don't like spending money or investing in companies that they hear bad things about, and mental health is something everyone is grappling with during quarantine. 

How To Let Potential Employees Know That Your One Of Those Companies That Supports Mental Health

This May, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) created a database that makes it easy for people to see if a potential workplace is a StigamFree company. We signed-up to let potential clients and partners know that Geoffresh is one of those companies that supports mental health is because we've always been that way and we think mental health is important. We want future colleagues, partners, and clients to know that when they work with us, we will be empathetic, understanding, accommodating, accepting, and kind.

StigmaFree Company

And the coolest surprise we learned in the process of educating ourselves about what it means to be a StigmaFree company is that lime green is the color of choice for the ribbon, wristband, or clothing often used in the mental health awareness campaigns that run each year in May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. The fact that lime green is our Geoffresh brand color and the color of this important awareness campaign was a pleasant surprise. The Geoffresh brand color shade of green was picked because it is founder Geoffrey's favorite. 

If you're a stand out company that is committed to the mental health of your employees and the people you work with, sign your company up to be listed as StigmaFree, visit the NAMI StigmaFree Sign-Up page here.