Stephanie Jevtic, Vice President of Geoffresh Productions

Stephanie Jevtic, Vice President of Geoffresh ProductionsA Letter From The Vice President Of Geoffresh Inc.

Dear Readers,

Today marks my 1 year anniversary with Geoffresh Inc. and I wanted to talk about what this company has meant to me and the story of how I joined the team.

How did I join Geoffresh? The answer is classic, I met President and founder Geoffrey Pyrzynski in college. We went to the same school, the University of Illinois at Chicago. He was in the Business College and I was in the Liberal Arts College. I was majoring in psychology and he was majoring in a hybrid degree program for entrepreneurs, which he got approved by the university by-the-way.

We met through a mutual friend briefly one February afternoon in 2008. I didn't run in to him again until 2010, but what I remember from that initial meeting was how excited he was about his business venture: Geoffresh. Only a few months later Geoffresh would be going from paper to practice. He was so excited about launching it. Although a brief initial encounter, I really liked him as person and I'm so glad our paths crossed again later down the road.

Geoffrey Pyrzynski is the heart, soul and brain of Geoffresh, and I am so happy that he asked me to join once he felt he could take it full-time.

I joined Geoffresh Productions November 11, 2012. I got my bachelors in psychology, just got accepted to the new masters program at Loyola for digital media, and I knew what I wanted to do with my career. I went feet first into this role, and I still feel the same butterflies in my stomach, both nervous and thrilled. I am the luckiest 20-something to be working on projects and for clients I never could've dreamed. 

Geoffresh means a lot to me because it led me to what I love to do, giving me the opportunity to reach my full potential. I get the chance to help people tell their stories, market their business, and create something they are proud to show the world in the hopes of being successful and be in business for a long time.

I hope this letter inspires you and that you share my story with someone in your life who is afraid to pursue what they want to do for something safer. If there is anything I've learned from my time at Geoffresh productions, it's that you have to be willing to take a chance, have confidence, be patience, and trust that you can achieve your goals if you try. Sometimes, you have to create your opportunities, like Geoff and I did, we have our own business. And if you're lucky, like us, you'll find a phenomenal partner to work with like I have.

Happy Veterans Day and as always thank you for your loyalty and business over these past 5 years.



Stephanie Jevtic