Geoffresh Loyola Digital Media and Storytelling 2018

Geoffresh VP Speaks To Digital Media Students At Alma Mater, Loyola

Yesterday, on Thursday August 31, 2018, Stephanie Pyrzynski, VP of Geoffresh who leads Brand and Content Marketing spoke at Loyola University Chicago, her graduate school alma mater.

As a member of the first group of students to enter the Digital Media & Storytelling Masters degree program back in August of 2012, it was a boomerang moment for her to speak to the seventh group to kick-off the school year. She spoke to the class taught by new Dean of the Master program Richelle Rogers. She shared her story and what the program meant to her.

"Within the digital media and storytelling program I found my voice." 

While answering questions for twenty-five minutes, the students did an Instagram Takeover and posted to the Geoffresh Instagram Stories. It was like ring around the rosy, only with Stephanie's iPhone. Stephanie shared personal experiences, industry advice, and tips to the students who have endeavors to own their own business.

It was a rewarding experience to give back and give something to the next generation who will pave new paths in digital media and storytelling.