Is Your Google Tag Manager Set Up Correctly?

Google Tag Manager Account Set Up

All Geoffresh websites come with Google Tag Manager (GTM) web tags installed to deliver event data from your website to your Google Analytics account. This is a critical component in understanding how well your website is performing overall, what areas are doing well, and what areas need improvement. It's important to have this set up and connected properly to your Google Analytics account - as your user's behavior over time may change - prompting your Geoffresh team to jump into action and propose changes.

Why are Web Tags Important?

Web tags, also known as pixels, are essential elements in website analytics and digital marketing. When configured properly, Google Tag Manager can help businesses understand user behavior and gain insight into how users interact with a website. With Google Tag Manager, Geoffresh can analyze website events more accurately and measure conversions. Web tags bridge the gap between website analytics and digital marketing campaigns, allowing us to see how online strategies are affecting user behavior. Utilizing Google Tag Manager to monitor and track website events allows Geoffresh to gain insight for better decisions and strategies. With correct web tag implementation, businesses are able to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns and improve their ROI.

What Can I Track With Google Tag Manager On My Website?

With Geoffresh integrating Google Tag Manager into your website, you can track important user events such as clicks, pageviews, and downloads as well as track user behavior on your website in real-time. Additionally, you can set up tags to track sales conversions and revenue, measure marketing campaigns, and optimize advertising your Google Ads performance. With all these insights, you can better customize the experience for your website visitors and gain a greater understanding of their interests, preferences, and behaviors.

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