Does Search Engine Optimization or Web Design matter more in building a website?

Do you know the difference between Web Design and Search Engine Optimization? 

 SEO VS. Web Design, Which Matters More to Your Business Bottom Line

Before we go in to that, we have to understand what each service is. Both of these services help each other, but at the same time it feels like they pull on each other in different directions. Sometimes, web design teams can feel stifled by SEO teams. Likewise SEO teams can feel like they are not being heard by web design teams.


What is Web Design?

Web design is the actual creation and building of web pages. This is where boundaries are pushed on web browsers and download speeds on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) alike. Ever see a website that really WOWed you? Be sure to thank the web design team on making that work. These teams work in the realm of servers, code, and artistic design. They make sure all the images, modules, plugins, and more will work on every page of a website. Functionality is imperative in all industries that depend on design. Take fashion for instance, a fashion designer wants to make sure your outfit looks great, but also that it meets form and function. This rule of thumb applies in designing a website too.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is the proper organization of materials on a webpage such that the website will be most attractive to search engines and humans alike. It’s easy to forget the human aspect of SEO since you don’t see the word “human” in the title. Search engines are trying to figure out what humans want in their algorithms and with most every update, they get closer and closer. For example, the “intent” upgrade tried to distinguish the difference between homonyms (words that are spelled the same but mean different things). 

So, what's the bottom line: Should you focus on Web Design first or Search Engine Optimization first?

This is a tall question for the end of the year since both professions require a great deal of time.

Search Engine Optimization is always changing, by its very nature SEO is time sensitive, similar to the fast paced news or stock market professions. SEO requires an individual or team to keep up with each search engine's updates and watch all of the search engines for changes that will impact website rankings. Achieving the most relevant rankings is a crucial part of helping a website be found and get a chance at converting visitors to customers. 

Web Design on the other hand is always pushing the envelope on new ways to build attractive and easy to use websites that users want to interact with them. Without a well designed website, those people who found your website through your SEO efforts will bounce. In the digital age, part of how people will judge your business is how your website looks, works, and feels.

Both web design and SEO need one another to survive, and both are needed when launching your online campaign. Even if you are just doing SEM (Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search Ads, etc.) or Social Media, SEO and Web Design will effect your digital campaign performance. Without a well crafted website (lacking in SEO and web design), the search engines will score your website low. Bottom line: you will lose out on in gaining new customers and reputation.

If you don't show care in how your business looks, works, and feels online, then you will not reach your business potential.

At Geoffresh Inc., we believe in great web design that is already built with SEO.

We want to give your brand the best website we can with the best SEO right at the start so you get all the benefits right away. 

Contact us today to get started on your SEO website


This article was co-written and edited by Stephanie Pyrzynski.

Let our SEO Web Design Company help your business get known.  

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