The Geoffrey Pyrzynski #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE 


On his honeymoon, Geoffrey was challenged to the ALS #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE and he accepted once returning back to Tinley Park.

Accompanied by his wife, Stephanie Pyrzynski, they carried out the deed for everyone to see. With his iconic last line of "The cold never bothered me anyway" from his favorite movie, Frozen, ice and icy water was poured on him in the benefit for this charity.

But why is the ALS ice bucket challenge going around so swiftly? After taking a deeper look into the challenge, its easy to see why.

It's Easy to Do

First of all, its super easy to complete. It's just a few moments of ice water, a few laughs, and funny comments later to complete. 

It's Emotional- Funny!

What gets shared most along the internet? It's the funny posts that get clicked on and tossed around. Seeing the funny reactions of people getting ice water on their heads makes a few laughs for sure. 

Designed to share

This was designed to share with the #icebucketchallenge hashtag. What's even better is that you can challenge up to 3 of your friends. See who challenged you and then send it along to get others to do it as well. 

That is the design of a successful viral campaign. Easy, Emotional, and shareable!  

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