The Competition Between Vine and Instagram - The Force Of Video

It's the big talk of the video marketing industry this past month, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

Recently Vine made some updates to its service and Instagram keeps rolling out their own to try to wipe out the competition. 

Geoffresh took Vine for a spin and you may appreciate the cute 6 second video we made last weekend.

Vine doesn’t allow you to edit, but it is so fun and easy to make your unique stop-motion video on your Smartphone.

There is a dreamy quality to Vine videos, videos play on a loop, no play button, you scroll through a continuous stream of interesting short videos. It reminds me of Tumblr and Youtube at the same time. Why? Like YouTube there are so many videos from people from every corner of the world. Like Tumblr, Vine allows for so much randomness and creativity, the tone of the space encourages engagement, not perfection.

Video production and editing is the cornerstone of Geoffresh, and it’s really exciting to see how much video has become the dominant marketing strategy for brands.

Mobile devices in general are dominating electronics, and video traffic takes up the majority of mobile bandwidth. About 1.2 billion online videos are viewed every day, which is compelling evidence that video should be a part of your marketing plan.

I read so many articles, posts and tweets online talking about the “Vine vs. Instagram” competition. I think what is fascinating everybody about this subject is that technological innovation is a little bit at a plateau, but innovations in communication mediums are popping. Like a sport where there are two prominent rivals, everyone wants to get in on the action and see who comes out the winner.

It’s an exciting time for society, right now a third of the world’s population is online and 6 billion of the world’s estimated 7 billion people have access to a mobile phone. Our devices are giving us access to so many tools.

We all have the opportunity to be an artist; we create something every day now as the norm. Social media gave us a way to share what we like and what we make, at no other time in history has the world been so connected, innovation is all about making something that everyone uses, revolutionizing the traditional and elevating it to a higher level.

Social media applications like Vine and Instagram are making history because they are a now a big part of our every day social interactions and influence our culture, they give us the chance to express ourselves and that’s something very important for our sense of identity and spirit. Rex Sorgatz said something very prosaic about this whole thing, “Gifs, Vines, Supercuts, music samples, replays…The loop has become the preeminent narrative device of our time.”

One of the best ways to sell your product or service is to use video to tell its story online. Companies like Lowe’s have used video applications like Vine to demonstrate how to use their tools and it has translated into increased earnings.

If you want to build brand trust and loyalty, you need to share valuable and engaging content. Consumers influence each other and word of mouth is now global through social media. So try Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube, or if you need professional help creating video Geoffresh is more than happy to be of service. Start taking control of your brand’s image by creating videos that showcase your brand products and services well.