A Day In The Life Of Sammie

A day in the life of Geoffresh’s Pointer at the office.

Sammie, a black-and-white Pointer/Jack Russell terrier mix, owned by Geoffrey and Stephanie Pyrzynski, is the hardest working dog in digital marketing. In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, we thought it would be fun to let Sammie take over for the day and show you what a typical workday is like. 

From being our mascot and spokesmodel to her duties in video editing and security, it is no wonder the dog needs a break every now and then. 

Take it away Sammie...

I do a lot for this company, a lot that many don't realize.    

You may think I just fool around while my bosses/parents work all day or live a life of being waited on like Neville (Marc Jacobs' dog) or Audrey (Versace's dog), but no. Well yes, but I try not to take advantage of my privileges. This being Take Your Dog to Work Day is an opportune time to get to share with you the dog behind the "mascot" and set the record straight about my roles at Geoffresh Inc. 

Mascot and Spokesdog

I was officially sworn in as mascot and spokesdog of Geoffresh Inc. at the end of 2015, on December 30. 

 I had been with Geoffresh Inc. since Geoffrey and Stephanie adopted me on September 5, 2015. I was bored and wanted to join the family business. I think what sold them on the idea, besides me bothering them all the time to give me something to do, was when I was named Pet of the Week by the local newspaper here in the Southwest Chicago Suburbs.

Being a mascot is hard work. You get photoshoots sprung on you all the time and you really have signed your likeness away. The real Sammie isn't just this demure and steely beauty, I'm a tom boy and like to play. When my parents aren't looking I stash treats around the office and rearrange things a bit. It's always good to keep your bosses on their toes, it's a good way to keep the balance of power in check I've found. 

Workplace Security Guard

It's a little bit of an unhealthy obsession, but what really lights the fire in my belly is security.  

I'm Geoffresh's self-appointed security guard. It's a calling truly, and I really feel like there is a squirrel problem here in the Midwest that if left unchecked will lead to entropy, or chaos. Whether it's the mail person or someone who rings our door bell, I alert everyone in the office. Part of my duties is to protect. I never had to bite or attack, but my bark sends the message that I'm no little puppy. 

Dog of All Trades

I don't have formal training in video editing, graphic design or marketing, but I'm a quick study. I'm a self starter and always try to take the appropriate initiative where I see a need. Geoffresh Inc. provides such a variety of digital services for businesses of all sizes. I sometimes insert myself into meetings so I can get to know our new business client. To give you an idea of the kinds of businesses we serve, I've seen big companies to small family businesses call on Geoffresh for help. We provide social media marketing, PPC/SEM, Search Engine Optimization, SEO web design, and online brand strategy consultation to name just a few of our services. 

What I Like to Do For Fun

I love when I get to go to camp. I was even featured on my day camp's social media this past spring!

You can't be all work and no play. Having a social life is not only essential to being happy but it keeps you fresh! We are Geoffresh after all. Our job is always bring a fresh approach to our client's marketing and branding efforts. In order to meet and exceed expectations, you have to keep an 'ear to the street' to keep up with what's new in all areas of digital marketing. Knowing a little a bit of what others are doing keeps you in touch with what's in demand so you keep your skills and services are always sought after. 

That's what I love about being a part of my parents work. Take Your Dog to Work Day is everyday for me. When you love what you do, it really doesn't feel much like work.

Anyway, that's just a little about me Sammie. I know not all of you have workplaces that are dog-friendly or will even allow you to bring your pet to work, I hope that changes as humans realize just how much we can offer as pets.

Have a great Take Your Dog to Work Day and be sure to check out the Geoffresh produced video below to see this pup “working like a dog.”