Have you noticed something strange with YouTube - It's broken! 

Has YouTube's update system broke? Or is there some sort of new setting that we have to check to ensure we are getting all of the updates?

I know that for the channels and people I have subscribed to, I don't get all of the updates in my feed when they release a new video. What is going on with that? This seems similar to the updates that another social network (Facebook) has rolled out.

This video from Game Theory goes into depth on what is going on with the YouTube video platform.


Here is the condensed version:

  • YouTube is moving toward engagements
  • This move is similar to the Facebook engagement move
  • Posts will only show up in your feed if you are engaged with that channel and its videos.
  • The more you watch, comment, and like from a channel the more you will see of their videos

Advice to brands

  • Make engaging content that viewers will want to comment on and "like"
  • Make content that is enjoyable all the way through the video
  • Try not to "burn out" your audience by creating too many new videos to watch
  • The rate and amount of videos produced will be different from brand to brand and industry to industry

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