How To Improve Your Website With Digital Spring Cleaning Tips

Ideas for How To Improve Your Website With Digital Spring Cleaning Tips

Cleaning up your website for many reasons is the biggest part of your digital spring cleaning efforts. It's your business' digital headquarters, its homebase online. But more importantly it's also the vehicle that can take your business far—and for that main reason, cleaning up a website is actually most similar to auto repair.

Tips For Cleaning Up Your Social Media Presence For Your Business, Yourself

Tips on Digital Spring Cleaning Social Media For Small Businesses

Your approach with cleaning up your social media is akin to gardening. The reason I like to describe it like that is because social media posts are like flowers—some are evergreen, some turn out to be invasive, and others need to be repotted. 

How To Clean Up Your Online Presence

How To Clean Up Your Online Presence For Your Business — How To Start

Digital Spring Cleaning can refer to many different processes. The ones I’m going to focus on in this article are primarily meant to benefit businesses: websites and social profiles. These are easy ways of keeping house for your business, so that things don’t get so far out of control that you would need to pay a huge bill to a company to deep clean your online presence. And since Geoffresh is all about keeping things fresh, it’s the most à propos subject matter for us to talk about too. 

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