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Does Your Business Have A Social Media Strategy? Does Your Business Have a Brand Identity?

What we at Geoffresh do is help businesses big and small develop a social strategy and boost their brand identity.

You want to stand out from the competition, but how do you set yourself a part from other businesses that offer the same types of products and services as your own?

Social media can help set your business a part from the rest.

We help identify what is unique about your business and help you cultivate a social presence online.


Here's what your business can gain from adopting social media marketing:

  • Build awareness - Get more eyes on your content 
  • Get more exposure and reach more people
  • Increase brand loyalty and trust

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Social Media Marketing is most helpful in allowing your brand to engage with current customers as well as potential customers. Did you know customers spend on average 30% more on companies that engage with them on social media? (Bain & Company on putting social media to work).

Here's what our social media marketing service entails:
There are two levels of service

Social Media Marketing - Ads

  • Set up your social (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) profiles and customize to best practices
  • Develop and Implement a Social Strategy for announcements
  • Develop and manage social media ad campaign

Affordable Social Media Strategy Twitter Example

Social Media Marketing Ads grant you:

  • Increased Visibility on Social Platforms
  • Target users who are likely to follow your brand


Social Strategy Consulting

  • Assess and analyze current social media presence
  • Advise on what to improve upon or how to implement stronger social media campaign
  • Assist in Developing a social strategy for your brand or business
  • Provide insights on best practices and industry standards for social campaigns and more 
  • Assist in social marketing campaign development

Social Strategy Consulting grants you:

  • Well designed posts and posting strategy for a campaign
  • Maintain and improve the online perception of your brand

Benefits of our service:

With expertise in digital storytelling, marketing and social platforms, we can help your business develop a successful social strategy and boost performance in these three areas:



Buying fake followers does not do anything for your brand.

Read our article: Why It Doesn't Pay to Cheat in Social Media to learn more.

 Affordable Social Media Marketing to save you money

By having a strong social media presence your business can reach your audience instantaneously and gain valuable insights from your customers.

Contact us to get started today on your social strategy.

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