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Case Study:

The Value of Social Media Marketing for a Product Firm 

January 2014

Since July of 2013, we began offering our social media marketing service for our clients. At the onset of this new service offering, we were able to manage the Facebook and Twitter profiles of a product firm. This case study involves the data from 6 months of our continued service to the client.

Why was the client seeking our services?

The social media marketing service provides greater reach and engagement for the client’s product or service. In this case, we had a product firm that wanted to engage with its users socially. This would help the perception of their brand in the customer’s eyes. By the potential customer becoming involved or having knowledge of the product firm’s values and beliefs, they will have a better perception of the company and their product line.

Steps to improve and optimize.

The client had already established a Facebook page but they did not have a twitter profile. Their Facebook page was also not being used to the fullest and was not set up to Facebook standards. We observed that from the date they created the Facebook page, activity stopped soon after. The Facebook page had been abandoned for almost a year when we came to it.

Our first step to help optimize their social media presence was to first familiarize ourselves with the client’s business. Stephanie was the main contact for this account. During the first month of this service, Stephanie and Geoffrey had gone to the client to develop the strategy for the account.

Areas to familiarize are the following but are not limited to:

Company history

Product line

Company culture and jargon

Company beliefs

Recent news stories

Current PR standings

Patent law and copyright

Market and industry history related to company's products 

Building the brand socially.

After becoming familiar with the product firm, Geoffresh Inc. was ready to start building the strategy. This particular firm wanted to build upon its current logo that had their mascot in it and have that mascot talk to the audience. It was up to Geoffresh Inc. to give it a name and a history that would make the the company more easily relate to. The client had given us information on their target markets and after constructing a mind map, we were able to come up with a proper name for the mascot. The mind map included impressions of the name and any words associated with it. We wanted to ensure that we had given a name that was easily relatable to the target market as well as exhibit the qualities that the target market looked up to.

Optimizing the social media marketing.

After taking control of the product firm’s social media Facebook page and creating and managing the twitter page Geoffresh Inc. was able to increase the likes/ followers, reach, and engagement and for the product firm.

Social Media Performance
The likes and follows determines how many individuals are actively following/ liking the page brand. The reach shows how many people in total the brand’s message reached ( friends of the follower’s ) and engagement refers to how many engagements (comments, liking a photo, sharing a link) the individuals did with the brand. 


Before Social Media Management

As of Dec 31, 2013

Percent Increase

Facebook Likes




Twitter Followers












Over the course of 6 months, the people who like the preexisting Facebook page increased by 33.5% while we garnered 77 followers on the new Twitter page. What really shows the value of our optimizations is in the increase engagement and the reach that this company after utilizing Geoffresh Inc. This company was only reaching 30 people while not optimizing their social media and they did not have anyone engaging with their content.

Social media marketing results.

After employing Geoffresh Inc., the product firm was able to reach 8,573 people and had 865 engagements with their content in addition to increasing their fans and followers. That means that there was a 28,476.7% increase in social reach for the product firm. They were able to reach a very large audience to get the news out about their product line and were in front of more people. Engagements started to roll in after one month and totaled to 865. Overall Geoffresh Inc. had a positive impact on the brand’s public opinion.

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