Geoffresh 15th Anniversary In Business

Geoffresh SEO Web Design Celebrating 15th Anniversary In Business

Today (May 6th) marks 15 years in business for Geoffresh and they've have been a gift in and of themself, but it’s fitting that the 15th anniversary wedding gift (crystal) should be a perfect symbol for where our business is today: sturdy yet delicate, clear and sharp, just like crystal

The assignment of anniversary gifts by year dates back to the Middle Ages, and we surely would love for Geoffresh to stay in business as long as the Middle Ages dates back! But I've digressed...

Being in business this long is thanks to our clients, you special folks who spread the word about the value we bring, and the people closest to us who have been our greatest cheerleaders over these 15 years. And of course the biggest thank you of all should go to my husband and business partner (since 2012) for believing in himself to start Geoffresh and for being the stalwart force behind everything. We truly wouldn't be here without his faith and technical know-how.

Geoff and I look forward to many more years of bringing value to businesses big and small, and bringing the new innovations in digital marketing, design, and technology to them as we've done with each passing year. After all, the FRESH in our name Geoffresh stands for exactly that—keeping our clients fresh and adaptive to change—and we coming up with new ways to do things better. 

There's an old saying that on a clear day you can see forever, and it feels true today. Our future looks more crystal clear and bright than ever before. There’s no turning back now and there’s nothing better than now.