4 Digital Marketing Mistakes Too Embarrassing To Ignore

4 Digital Marketing Mistakes Too Embarrassing To Ignore

Sometimes the greatest lessons we can learn are those from others. 

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

We're all human and make mistakes—things happen by accident all the time in every industry. However, mistakes that impact your potential earnings and reputation should try to be avoided. Especially if those mistakes have to do with essentials, like the following real life examples of digital marketing mistakes—made by brands and businesses both big and small. 

1. Online Shop Mistake 

Now this mistake may comfort some who think big brands don't make little mistakes.

Disney Shop Fail - Misspelling - 090520

I stumbled upon this spelling mistake while on the Shop Disney online store during Christmas. I was so surprised because it's such a simple mistake for a global brand to make: a duplicate product category and a mispelled one at that. 

While this mistake can be easily resolved, misspellings having to do with website infastructure items like categories, tags, folders, and more can pose headaches if not realized soon by a smaller online shop. 

For an online shop, a build up of miscategorized items are loose ends that if untied result in unrealized full potential of revenue, because you want every product to be seen.

Newsletter Design Fail

This is a newsletter from 2020 from a spa and beauty business that looks like it's more from 1999. 

Newsletter Design Fail - Anonymous

Many amateur design mistakes were made in this e-mail newsletter, from accessibility issues with text and poor color combining, to issues with layout and mobile-friendliness.

A newsletter lacking in attractiveness and ease of understand is a sore mistake for getting a businesses' messages across. Cringey design that harken back to a bygone era doesn't speak well of the business' general attention to detail either. No matter how big or small the medium, protect the impressons you make. And if you aren't strong at something like design, contract someone who can.

SERPs Fail

A friend of ours who is not in marketing stumbled upon this one—made by a digital marketing agency!

They forgot to fill in their meta description. What's worse, is that some how the meta description was filled in with a chunk of text so pervasive online that it is just so embarrassing to see it here.

This digital marketing agency's meta description was too long to believe as well. Here it is:

Lore ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sufaucus nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet. Nunc sem vitae risus tristique.

Called Greeking, Lorem Ipsum is a chunk of Latin used by many designers as a placeholder for text on Internet pages. And, until recently, it could have been a secret language for spies.

SERPs Fail - Lorem ipsum meta description - Anonymous

Search engine results pages are grand central station for searching the internet. For a business or anyone trying to get traffic to their website, you don't leave any of these stones unturned: title, meta description, and open graph image. You are not only disqualifying how you look but also your ranking visibility. And in the case of this business, it makes them look like a not so good candidate as an agency of record.

Website Google Search Console Fail

This mistake comes from a new client of ours and it is a common mistake for non-technical folks. But in this case, the coverage issues detected on their Search Consoles were an oversight of a not so honest agency or tech savvy web designers.

Website Google Search Console Fail

For the kind of errors like this one to be made by someone purporting to be a professional marketing agency or web developer is worth cautioning you about. Technical SEO is so important—without it, all the content that you put out into the world doesn't get discovered well if at all.


If you are seeking assitance with digital marketing issues like the ones featured here, reach out to us and we are more than happy to take a look and be of help. You deserve what you pay for, and if you're not meeting your marketing goals then it's a good idea to see where holes may be.