Brand Fatigue and Rebranding

Brand fatigue can negatively impact marketing strategy, here are four tips for how to avoid it.

I read an article by IndieWire writer Sam Adams about why audiences are passing on the blockbuster movies this summer and this sentence struck me:

"When branding is all you care about, branding is all you get."

A part of being a healthy brand is updating how you present and market your business to reflect the changes. What you don't want to do is to rebrand so far away from your roots that you put your brand out on a limb.

Branding shouldn't be in the driver's seat of your business and should never take center stage.

What you do for your customers is the driver, it's what keeps them coming back.

Keep making and doing good work and they will come. Periodically refreshing your brand is not a mistake, branding strengthens your marketing and does the leg work when you're not watching. But don't get carried away by it. When it comes to anything brand-related, remember these tenants of good branding:

  1. Practice moderation and tact in your brand messaging.
  2. Stay authentic to your roots.
  3. Stay true to your loyal customer base.
  4. Embrace and incorporate what's new and fresh that resonates with your brand.