Google Expanded Text Ad Example

Should You Change All Of Your Ads To Google Expanded Text Ads?

Google has made another shake up in the advertising space. This time it's with the text ads that everyone is familiar with at the top of their search results. They have increased the character count to two headlines at 30 characters each and a single description line at 80 characters.

What Do Google Expanded Text Ads Mean For Advertisers?

This is a difficult question- some advertisers have been saying that this new ad format increases click through rate giving your ads more clicks per the times they show. Does that mean that you should jump at the chance to upgrade all of your ads right this instant? This will take time on your clients account and if they don't see results, they may become upset that they spent time on this instead of continuing their ad campaigns.

Our results of a Google Expanded Text Ad test we did with one of our clients - who we informed before starting this test - showed that there was not a significant amount of increase to warrant converting all ads to the new ad format. We looked at Impressions, clicks, position, and click through rate of each of the ads in this test. In almost all of the categories, the original ads slightly out-performed the new ads or the new ads had very similar performance to them.

Our POV on Google Expanded Text Ads

After reviewing the results, we feel that it's best to keep the client's ads the way they are now. If a new ad group is needed or a new campaign is going to be created, we will update the ads then as Google is pushing advertisers in this direction. We don't wish to waste our client's money having them do an upgrade that currently does not have a direct benefit for them at this time. With new campaigns and ad copy always in the works, it will just be some time before all ads have been upgraded.