The ABC 7 Viewers Have Spoken for Loggerhead Tools!

Just a few days before Christmas 2012, ABC 7 News did a follow up report on their Made in America Story. Consumers who were touched by this story went out and started buying more products that are 'Made in America.' The full ABC Christmas Special on Made in America premiered on Dec 21. 

This is a great story to listen to as just spending $64 on "made in America" goods can create up to 200,000 jobs! 


To reiterate, this is a follow up story about the Bionic Wrench VS Sears case. This is where Sears had created another product that looked and acted very similar (if not the same) as the Bionic Wrench - which had a patent on their product. The compeiting product was made in china while the Bionic Wrench was made in America.

With the release of this story, many Americans felt that they should vote with their wallets and bought the Bionic Wrench. Many of them were for Christmas Gifts as a single one of these can replace a slew of standard wrenches that you would have to bring out to the field in a bag or case. This is due to how the wrench can open and close and provide a grip on all six sides of a nut or bolt. It also can take care of standard or metric sized nuts and bolts.

Geoffresh keeps its work here in the USA and we are proud to do so.