Geoffresh Inc. Edited Video on ABC 7 Dateline

On November 14th, 2012, a Geoffresh edited video appeared inside of a ABC Dateline's news report. This video was the Loggerhead Tools Bionic Wrench commercial. Inside of this report, many mentions to the commercial were made, as well as the competing product. Similarities were found between the commercials as well.


The full story on the the Bionic Wrench vs Sears can be found on the New York Times website.

We also have the Loggerhead Tools' Bionic Wrench Spanish and the Loggerhead Tools Bionic Wrench French language video translations. These videos were shown in the article which details how another competing product was possibly infringing on the patent for this unique type of wrench. As of this time, we are unable to provide more information on this issue as the companies are currently in a court case. 

The Bionic Wrench is able to grip a nut or bolt on all 6 sides to give you the strongest grip to turn stubborn bolts or nut. So if the nut or bolt is rusted, you are still able to get the best grip to break it free. Since the Bionic Wrench is also able to clamp down on a nut or bolt, you are able to just carry 1 tool instead of the multiple tools you would need for a job because you are unsure of what bolt or nut you will be working with. So no more lost tools from your tool chest or once you are on the job site, you need to go back for a very specific wrench!