Geoffresh Inc SEO Web Design Walk in 2019 Tinley Park For Colon Cancer

2019 Colon Cancer 5k Run/Walk "Get Your Rear In Gear" Has Massive Tinley Park Turn Out

July 28nd, 2019 the Colon Cancer Coalition hosted its eleventh annual "Get Your Rear In Gear" 5K Run/Walk in Tinley Park.

This year's event had an even bigger turn out than last year's, with over 2,000 participants! Thankfully this year the weather conditions were perfect, sunny and warm. 

As you may know the event has personal significance for Geoffresh founder Geoff. His paternal grandfather Leonard Pyrzynski passed away in June of 2009 from colon cancer. This year Geoffresh was the top sponsor of the event and paid tribute to Leonard with an In Memory mile sign. 

Geoffresh Inc SEO Web Design SponsorLeonard Pyrzynski

 All the money raised stays in the local area to further colon cancer education, awareness and screening. 

For more information and updates on the event, visit the Colon Cancer Coalition's official website.