When should you start seeing SEO results

What Is The Average Time It Takes To See Results For Businesses That Have Never Employed SEO? 

This article will look at some of the success timelines we have seen with businesses that had never employed SEO before and the average time it took to reach different milestones.

'How long does SEO take to start working?' depends on several factors, the most important being your business goals. 

This is a question that we get from businesses that are new and unfamiliar with how to use search engines to drive exposure for their business. They may have a website with decent SEO that hasn't been updated in years or a business website that is void of any optimizations. Whatever the case, different businesses may have different goals and as such their websites should be optimized according to those goals.

Some common business website goals are:

  • direct potential customers to contact our business through our website for a quote or an appointment.
  • increase online purchasing
  • drive users to search for the nearest store near them 
  • increase newsletter sign-ups

SEO Results Timeline at Varying Stages

The following are the average successes we have seen with brick and mortar businesses at varying stages of the SEO process:

After 1 Month 

After clearing up technical SEO errors on the most important pages of the website, we tend to start seeing a slight increase in rankings for those pages. These search rankings are what the pages are currently ranking for. 

3 - 6 Months

With more technical SEO applied and local SEO starting to take effect, between months 3 and 6, we start to see improved traffic to the client's website. With user tracking we were able to see where in the process potential customers were dropping off the website and what path lead them to contact them. Tracking did take some time as we would have to do analysis to see which pages are the most critical to improve. The structure of the website is also evaluated and has been changed to allow for a better user experience. We tend to see a slight increase in conversions (Sales, or contact forms filled out) at this point. 

6 Months To 1 Year

We are able to see what additional search terms are bringing customers to their website. From here we are able to build out landing pages to help capture them and give users a good experience when visiting the client's website. These additional pages are already SEO optimized and ready for the search engines. Depending on the size of the website we are able to re-evaluate SEO and make improvements where needed. We also tend to see increased conversions at this point. 

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