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Website Software Updates for Security

With the evolution of technology, the internet landscape is constantly changing. And for websites, software updates are more important than ever. 

The Need For Consistent Software Updates

At Geoffresh, we always want to make sure that your website is safe and secure. One of those ways is to ensure that your website software is up-to-date. With your website accessible to the millions of people out there, some may have malicious intent. They may try multiple ways to get around the security of your software on your website and think up new ways that even the developers did not think about while designing the software. However, once a vulnerability has been discovered, the software developers release an update to stop that attack path.

Although your website may not have been attacked using whatever method they discovered and blocked, it’s important to have that update to stop anyone in the future from using that tactic to harm your website and your reputation online.

The Geoffresh Software Update Process

To ensure that all websites are kept up to date, Geoffresh follows a comprehensive process.

We scan your website daily to check for any software updates for any modules, plugins, components, and even base software.

A backup is taken before any software is updated and held in a special off - server zone as a roll back option.

The update is applied and pages are checked for variations. These variations would include items that have moved up or down the page due to the update or even loss of functionality (incompatible software update). If this is detected, the software backup is immediately applied and the website is rolled back to the pervious state. If there are no variations detected, then the update stays!

Will My Users Notice A Difference?

The greatest advantage of all of this is the visitors will not notice a change at all. In the case of an update needing a roll back and reevaluation, the process is done within minutes and so fast that users won’t even notice it! For the situation where the update is successful, they will notice if any new security steps are involved (like a security question on a form) - but it will appear seamlessly as to not create a jarring experience for the user.

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