Google Universal Analytics Sunsets Migrate to GA4

What's GA4 And Why Migrate To This New Google Analytics?

After almost two years in beta testing, Google Analytics 4 is ready for the masses. But it's a new property, which means that the old Google Analytics won't be collecting data anymore after June 30, 2023. 

What does this mean? It means that after that date, Universal Analytics (UA a.k.a. Google Analytics 3) will stop processing new data.

*Exception: Customers using Universal Analytics 360 properties will have until October 1, 2023.

Will Data Be Lost When I Migrate To GA4?

Yes, and that's exactly why GA4 is kind of a big deal. All your historical data will be lost when accounts are forced to migrate to GA4. So it is essential to migrate your account data as soon as possible before Saturday, July 1, 2023!

Don't lose years of data that you've earned and make yourself start from scratch with your web data. That's a little too much of a fresh start if you pardon the pun.

What Do I Need To Keep In Mind When Migrating To GA4?

GA4 tracks events differently, so it's important to have migration to GA4 done right the first time. For small businesses, this means not only using the setup wizard, but also manually going through your tracking and creating new events in GA4. 

Why Is Google Analytics Going Away?

The primary reason for this change is because of the ever-changing world online privacy policies. So in addition to developing an analytics tool that would better track user behavior across various platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile, smartwatches), Google needed to improve data collection to avoid breaching people’s privacy too.

October 2020 is actually when Google first announced the availability of GA4 in beta and how it would eventually become the primary analytics tool for Google customers in the future, which is now!

After beta testing it over the course of the last year before bringing it to our clients, we can attest to its readiness.

GA4 Migration Services

GA4 is an unique opportunity to start fresh with the next generation of analytics and we're happy to help those late to the news who want to leverage marketing data to further improve their future digital marketing. Also, having a dependable team you can trust is invaluable.

All Geoffresh clients had their Google Analytics migrated over to the new GA4 many months ago, but it's not too late to start fresh with us for new clients. 

Know someone who needs help moving over to the new GA4 before UA sunsets tomorrow, and stops processing new hits? Have them contact us at

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