Orland Park Psychic - Astrology Boutique Website Showcase

Website Showcase Of Orland Park Psychic

Many psychics embraced digital long ago, but the pandemic has made the website even more of a necessity for their businesses. We were psyched to be asked to design a website recently for a local psychic based in the neighboring village of Orland Park. And the timing couldn't be more perfect, because the website is ready for Halloween next week.

This was an exciting project to take on because it's in a field we weren't familiar with: the spiritual or mystical field. Katarina (business owner) was wonderful to work with and we are so happy that her new website has been driving more visits to her Astrology Boutique, more calls, e-mails, and online interactions with her than before. And the SEO boost to her website also has helped bring traffic from those seeking virtual psychic services over FaceTime, Zoom, and phone. And all the reporting and analytics tracking that comes with our SEO Web Design Refresh level demonstrates these improvements and accomplishments.


There are 5 sections that we want to focus on for this showcase:

1. The Psychic Readings Page

Our client had a very specific color palette in mind for her new website. Complimenting the palette with the content was an enjoyable challenge that you can see works beautifully. As you scroll down the psychic readings page, you’ll notice at the bottom a unique feature. An attention grabbing module with animated rolling numbers of statistics about all things relating to the psychic trade. This highlights our client’s expertise in a fun and surprising way.

2. The Astrology Boutique

For the Astrology Boutique page, it was important to create a section at the top of the page for prominently highlighting new products and merchandise as they come to the boutique. This page gives our client the best chance of being discovered for her services and the retail side of her business model than most in her field. Also, this page does a great job of demonstrating her unique value proposition—as a psychic with internet fluency, who can work with people that feel comfortable coming into her store front or who prefer doing things over the phone.

3. The Crystal Light Therapy Page

The challenge with the crystal light therapy page was figuring how to search optimize it when it is such a new innovation that few know exists. Our client is the only crystal light therapy technician in the Chicago South Suburbs, so it was very important to get the key phrasings right for this new technology in chakra balancing. 

4. The Parties And Events Page

Another important element to this website was showcasing our client & her experience in a way that people could connect with as if she were a friend. We achieved this using photos from events and conferences that she has been a part of, and headshots that show her warm personality. All carefully balanced with the color palette and copywriting.

5. Location And Contact us

Aside from the staple Contact Us page, there is also an interactive map that users can easily get directions from, encouraging them to stop in without having to write down the address and phone number.

All Geoffresh Websites Come Set Up:

  1. SSL (For HTTPS Security)
  2. On A High Powered Server With Backups Included
  3. Software Updates (as appropriate)
  4. Analytics and Tracking
  5. An Apple Maps Account
  6. Webmaster And Business Profiles on Google and Bing 


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