What Businesses Need To Compete In The Digital Age

Where Your Business Is At Factors Into What Type Of Promotion You Should Try and How Much to Execute

Digital has created a shift in industries, so now the way to win more business has become more exciting and unpredictable.

So say you are a business that has been around for decades, and you have a loyal customer/client base, but have sales been slumping with new competition entering your space? You might want to look into reintroducing your business to your area. That doesn't mean redoing your logo and look, but why not try a commercial that airs on television, or search engine marketing so more people stumble upon your business? Social media is a very effective promotion strategy that can help both well established businesses and brand new businesses get exposure. What's great about social media is the potential it carries. Work with your social media manager and give them the means to create engaging fresh content that will excite a whole new clientele for your business.

One business that has gone semi-national near our headquarters in Tinley Park has an app that functions as a punch card to reward you for every visit and purchase you make. But it also has games you can play and the points you win can be converted into discounts at their shops. Maybe an app game doesn't fit your business, but are you sure you aren't just letting your company website rest on its laurels? Read this article about the top 5 website mistakes when it comes to search engine optimization. There are some pretty awful small business websites out there, but because owners are hesitant when it comes to spending in digital, they will continue to not understand why their business is not bringing in new business. Your website is a first impression to an online user. Your social media page is also a first impression of the character your business. Whether you decide to invest more in the design and look of your website versus the backend is your choice.

You Get What You Put Into Your Business

Do you want to get closer to riding into the sunset by putting little effort into promotion? Or do you want to be mindful and strategic about your promotion? You're either a business that understands what it takes to compete in the digital age or you don't care. Promotion is so much more than what it used to be. It's multi-directional, but it's crucial to business survival.

If you're business is interested in getting help with its promotion contact us and we'd love to help you in the digital space.