Data Driven Digital Marketing

Why Are We A Data Driven Digital Marketing Agency?

Data has always been a driving force here at Geoffresh. To us being data driven means taking information and applying it in tactical or strategic ways that help businesses navigate their vision for their business.

Paired with intuition and experience, we use data analysis to discover areas of your digital marketing that are underperforming and areas that you might not know are performing very very well!

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Integrity and Relevance

As marketers we need clean and accurate data so that we can guide our clients with the most intelligent recommendations, that's why at Geoffresh we take data management and monitoring very seriously. We take great pains to ensure that all data tracking is up-to-date and functioning well on all of your digital marketing channels. That means website, social media, and advertising platforms. We also want to make sure that the data we provide has relevance because not all data is useful. Our reports focus on the metrics that matter most to your business and with findings and insights that apply to your goals and objectives.  

Discovery and Decision-making

With data you can make better decisions about which pages of your website to build out more and which pages need to be redesigned or completely shut down. You can learn which digital marketing channels are driving the most business (leads and revenue) and which channels are better at only discovery and influence (social media for example). Similar to market research, data on online user behavior, preferences, and communications can be applied in a multitude of ways, from crafting more impactful content to influencing new products and services you may develop in the future. Data is truly what you make of it.

Available 24/7

And our clients don't have to wait to find out how things are performing. Through our website, our clients can login anytime to their account and access a special dashboard with a variety of reports on their website (such as search ranking and general web analytics), campaigns, and so much more.


What's really powerful about data is how it can be used to test new ideas out. If you've been wanting to change up the look of your website lately, through A/B testing we can create two different versions of your website and see which one performs better overtime. Same goes for online advertising and social media. Whether it's a display ad with a green background versus a blue background, or posting on Facebook in the mornings versus posting late afternoons, we can experiment with many variables for our clients. 

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With years of practice and experience, we want to bring data-driven digital marketing to businesses that want a stronger and firmer answer to "what can we improve on next?"  

If you're looking for an agency with a data-driven yet human approach to web design and digital marketing, contact us for a free quote or assessment.


Let our Data Driven Digital Marketing help your business get known.  

Contact us today to get started on your successful marketing campaigns.


Let our Data Driven Digital Marketing help your business get known.  

Contact us today to get started on your successful marketing campaigns.

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