Website Speed Optimizations: Page Caching VS Module Caching VS Compression in CMS

One of the factors that make websites enjoyable to interact with is the speed of the site. Sites that have long load times tend to annoy visitors and lower search rankings. But how fast should a website be? Also, if the content is king, will visitors still stick around with longer load times if they have more interaction with a website?

The ABC 7 Viewers Have Spoken for Loggerhead Tools!

Just a few days before Christmas 2012, ABC 7 News did a follow up report on their Made in America Story. Consumers who were touched by this story went out and started buying more products that are 'Made in America.'[ The full ABC Christmas Special on Made in America premiered on Dec 21. 

Geoffresh Inc. Edited Video on ABC 7 Dateline

On November 14th, 2012, a Geoffresh edited video appeared inside of a ABC Dateline's news report. This video was the Loggerhead Tools Bionic Wrench commercial. Inside of this report, many mentions to the commercial were made, as well as the competing product. Similarities were found between the commercials as well.

Geoffresh makes your competitors green with envy...

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