Google PageSpeed

Page Experience—Now Even More Important Than Ever For Ranking On Google

In May of 2021 Google will be releasing an update that will influence rank based on user experience (UX) —one of which is Page Speed.

What is the WebP Format and Why Is It Important? 

What Is The WebP Format and Why Is It Important?

There is a unique image format out there that you might start encountering more often called, the WebP format. This format is similar to what you would encounter when viewing a PNG or JPG image. But these other formats have been around for so long, do we really need another format?

GTMetrix Overhaul 2021

We are happy to see one of our favorite tools GTMetrix get a much needed overhaul!

For quite some time, we have used GTMetrix and Pingdom to do quick checks on websites. Over the years and through many search engine updates, we have seen these tools go from useful, to nit-picky as not all optimizations apply to the current website.

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