Geoffresh's VP got a nice shoutout for her efforts to help small businesses with their marketing during COVID in the local Tinley Park Patch.

Your Domain Name And Your Business

The Importance of Domain Names and Social Media Handles (aka Usernames)

You need a good domain name and social media usernames for your business. But don’t go crazy about it like this individual did:

In this article, we’ll show why your domain and social media usernames are important and how to choose the ones that will put you on the fastest path to success.

Psychic Website Showcase 1000 a year

What A $1,000/Year Website Can Be

One the treats for us at Geoffresh is the opportunity to explore new worlds so to speak, through our client work. We get to learn about different industries as we put our feet in their shoes to build a website, design a logo, etc.. For instance, the newest website we recently built and search optimized was for a psychic! 

Let Our Internet Marketing Agency And SEO Web Design Company Help Your Business Get Known.  

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