Website Redesign Without SEO

What Happens When You Don’t Build In SEO During A Website Transition? 

WordPress VS Joomla

WordPress VS Joomla: Our Personal Opinions With These Platforms

This is an opinion piece on WordPress VS Joomla. In our series of articles on individual CMS platforms, about the strengths and weaknesses of WordPress and the strengths and weaknesses of Joomla—Now we would like to give our personal takes on the platforms and which we like to work with the most.

Read Stephanie and Geoffrey Pyrzynski's opinions on these two platforms.

When You Should Choose Joomla As Your Website Platform Article

When You Should Choose Joomla As Your Website Platform

Geoffresh SEO Web Design uses two Content Management Systems (CMS) as their web design platforms: Joomla and WordPress. Our servers are specifically designed to deploy these CMS platforms and are optimized such that either of them can perform the best they can. But which platform should you choose for your website—WordPress or Joomla?

We explore the strengths and weaknesses of Joomla in this article. 

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