When You Should Choose WordPress As Your Platform

When You Should Choose WordPress As Your Website Platform

Geoffresh SEO Web Design uses two Content Management Systems (CMS) as their web design platforms: Joomla and WordPress. Our servers are specifically designed to deploy these CMS platforms and are optimized such that either of them can perform the best they can. But which platform should you choose for your website—WordPress or Joomla?

We explore the strengths and weaknesses of WordPress in this article. 

Orland Park Psychic Website Showcase

Website Showcase Of Orland Park Psychic

Many psychics embraced digital long ago, but the pandemic has made the website even more of a necessity for their businesses. We were psyched to be asked to design a website recently for a local psychic based in the neighboring village of Orland Park. And the timing couldn't be more perfect, because the website is ready for Halloween next week.

Advertising In The COVID Era — Keep Spending On It?

Advertising In The COVID Era — Keep Spending On It?

When the pandemic upended the economy last year, businesses of all sizes took a serious look at their marketing plans. And in the final analysis most redeployed their money into digital advertising.

Why? People were spending more time on the computer. 

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