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  • Social Media Tips and Social Strategy for your brand The internet has made it more challenging for businesses to reach their target audiences because consumers are more immune to traditional
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  • Your Minimalist Website Responds to Your Visitors with Responsive Web Design. Your website is more than just a place to showcase your product or service. It is a place for
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  • Online Marketing videos for Your Brand with Geoffresh Inc. SEO video Marketing is quickly becoming a necessity for your brand. From product and service videos to internal training libraries, we
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  • Transport Your Video Productions to your Clients with the Geoffresh Cloud Transporter. "Beam me up Scotty" has never been used so appropriately with this new service add on from Geoffresh
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Small Business Spotlight - Karens Flower Barn

A Brief Look into what Makes Karen's Flower Barn work. For this month’s article, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a small business that has helped us decorate our home beautifully - Karen’s Flower Barn. Read More

What the Chase Mission Main Street Grant Means for Geoffresh

What the Chase Mission Main Street grant means for Geoffresh is an opportunity to start hiring in a big way. In order to win the $150k grant we need 250 votes in order to go on to the next round in the contest. From there Chase reviews each small business that is entered and decides which 20 businesses need the grant most. Our small business pledges to use the winnings for creating jobs by hiring much needed staff for our business. The entirety of the $150K would go towards our business hiring employees from around our area. We love America Read More

Great Expectations: APPLE

What happened to showing us what we never could have imagined?  I must say that I was really excited about this year's Apple Announcement. Like many of us, I've come to expect the exceptional from Apple because they've surpassed expectations for over a decade. Why did this year's event have so much anticipation? Read More

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Our mission is to offer marketing and digital media solutions that appeal to the human experience. We believe that every business has a story to tell and we want to help bring it to life. Our strength is our strategy for engaging people with a product or brand in a fresh and informative way. Whether through a promotional video, an interactive website or through social posts, our goal is to engage the audiences we reach in a way they've never been approached before.


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