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  • Social Media Tips and Social Strategy for your brand The internet has made it more challenging for businesses to reach their target audiences because consumers are more immune to traditional
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  • Your Minimalist Website Responds to Your Visitors with Responsive Web Design. Your website is more than just a place to showcase your product or service. It is a place for
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  • Online Marketing videos for Your Brand with Geoffresh Inc. SEO video Marketing is quickly becoming a necessity for your brand. From product and service videos to internal training libraries, we
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  • Transport Your Video Productions to your Clients with the Geoffresh Cloud Transporter. "Beam me up Scotty" has never been used so appropriately with this new service add on from Geoffresh
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The Geoffrey Pyrzynski #icebucketchallenge

On his honeymoon, Geoffrey was challenged to the ALS #icebucketchallenge and he accepted once returning back to Tinley Park. Accompanied by his wife, Stephanie Pyrzynski, they carried out the deed for everyone to see. With his iconic last line of "The cold never bothered me anyway" from his favorite movie, Frozen, ice and icy water was poured on him in the benefit for this charity.

But why is the ALS ice bucket challenge going around so swiftly? After taking a deeper look into the challenge, its easy to see why.

It's easy to do

First of all, its super

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Stayin' Alive, Businesses that go the Distance

There are some places you never forget about. Maybe it's the ice cream shop in your hometown where you grew up? Or maybe it's that late night restaurant everyone went to for stinky fries back on your old college stomping grounds. Or maybe it's that remarkable antique shop you found while on vacation in that old world town. Whatever type of business it is, this place holds a lot of memories for you and if you're ever nearby you want to stop in or at least pass by and see if it's still there. It's those businesses that stay open
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The Keys to Happiness

Originally featured and published on LinkedIn :

My name is Stephanie Pyrzynski (née Jevtić), and I am 25 years old.

I am Vice President of Geoffresh Inc. and I'm entering my final year at Loyola University 's School of Communications Masters program in digital media and storytelling .

This program is the first of its kind. I was actually with the first class to graduate from the program, however I have been self-financing my education and have only been able to be a part-time student. I came to communications, marketing, and public relations after I finished my undergraduate program. You could say

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