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Reducing Cost Per Click By Building Relevant Landing Pages

January 2023

Building off of another case study on SEO Websites and their overall Cost Per Clicks (CPCs), this case study is focused on advertising that is tailored to specific landing pages, other than a homepage. We have seen how search engines prefer websites that are optimized by how they reward them in improved rankings overtime. This favoritism extends to search ads, when targeted properly.

Search engines give "discounts" (reduced CPCs) to ads directing traffic to landing pages that are relevant to the search queries entered by search users. This in turn benefits the brand and business that is advertising and aiming for repeat visitors. Becasue as we know with organic SEO, landing page relevance for ads ensures that new visitors get the best possible first impression and experience of their website.  

In this case study, we examine a client who wanted to launch a national ad campaign. Previously, they had been focused on local business and attracting people to their brick-and-mortar location. However, with recent changes in their business, they were now able to also service some clients through virtual meetings. However, at that time they did not have a specific page built out for their new service range.

Without a relevant landing page for their ad campaign, offering virtual meetings, national visitors were unclear on whether they could be serviced by this particular business once they clicked through. By showcasing the high CPCs to the client and coming up with a strategy for an additional SEO webpage, we were able to increase the client's business and allow their ad campaign to go further.

The following showcases the Cost Per Click (CPCs) on an ad account driving to a non-relavant landing page VS an SEO relevant landing page.

BEFORE: CPC's direciting traffic to non-relevant landing page: $8.83

AFTER: CPC's after adding a new SEO landing page: $1.77

CPCs For Relevant Landing Pages 80% Discount

The chart above represents an 80% discount on ad clicks, after creating the new page.

With this reduction in CPCs, the client was able to stretch their budget even further per month. With additional savings per click, for the same budget, they saw increases in impressions (people seeing their ads) and clicks (people coming to their website) too—simply by creating a special landing page for their new service capabilities.

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In conclusion, building out the appropriate landing page enabled our client to:

  • Lower their individual ad cost
  • Ran their ads longer each day
  • Be seen by more people
  • Attracted more people to their website
  • Increased leads from their website

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