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Investing In A Search Engine Optimized Website Reduces Cost Per Click On Search Ads 

January 2021

Both Google and Bing prefer websites that are optimized. Not only to search engines, but also to the users. That is why they have metrics around landing page experience and quality score in their ads so that with a better score, you get a better discount per click!

It's no secret that the search engines have a "quality score" of the keywords you are biding on and the website you are leading them to. The big questions are: what influences that score and what benefit do you get from this? 

We have been approached by clients who are already sold on the idea of using search ads to garner more clicks to their website. They do understand that they operate under a cost per click or cost per impression model, meaning that they will be paying for each click or paying for each impression that they receive on their ads. What they usually don't know is that they can be more efficient in their ad spend if they do SEO on their website first.

The image above shows a website that had a massive increase in performance once they switched to an SEO website. Previously, this client had a website they had built themselves. SEO was not considered while building it out and so they wanted us to bring additional traffic to their website by running a Google ad campaign. The campaign was a search ads campaign that would appear only on Google search results pages.

After decent return on their ads, we approached the client to see if they would be interested in refreshing their website with us. They chose our refresh package and we set up their website on our powerful servers and optimized it to their business. In addition to optimizing the website for SEO, we also added conversion tracking and event level tracking to the website so we can use learning algorithms to further optimize their ads, which in turn gets more qualified people clicking on their ads.

Cost Savings Of An SEO Website

With the same monthly budget, they were able to gain the following over a 1 month period:

  • 50.4% more impressions —these are people seeing the ads in the campaign.
  • 21.5% decrease in CPC (Cost Per Click) —you want to see a lower number here because the lower the CPC, the more clicks you can get for the same budget!
  • 58.9% increase in clicks —for the SAME BUDGET they were able to get over 50% more clicks! That is over 50% more people visiting your website for the same cost to you!
  • 1,450% increase in conversions —These are people calling or emailing the business. This is huge because we were able to add special tracking code to the website we built for them (that was not possible with the previous website) and target their ads more efficiently. So the people who are more likely to use their service would be shown their ads and they would call them or email them. The previous version of their website did not have very many people calling them, but the refreshed version had a very large increase!
  • 92% decrease in Cost Per Conversion —Again, this shows how important an SEO website is for your ads. In addition to getting more people for the same price, you also get more customers as well! This number shows the cost per conversion —meaning that the previous website was more costly to convert a single person into a customer!

Having an SEO website makes a huge difference in your ad campaign. Spending more up front can save you money in your ad campaigns and convert more visitors into customers in the long run!

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