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  • How To Make Your Digital Measurement Better

    A mistake we run into time and time again with different businesses is poor measurement, whether it be with their website, social media, and/or online advertising.

  • Why Are We A Data Driven Digital Marketing Agency?

    Data has always been a driving force here at Geoffresh. To us being data driven means taking information and applying it in tactical or strategic ways that help businesses navigate their vision for their business.

  • 2017 Tinley Park Holiday Parade of Lights

    December 3rd, 2017 the twentieth Annual Tinley Park Holiday Parade of Lights took place. The culmination of a weekend full of holiday events in historic downtown Tinley Park.

  • Our Point Of View on Google Call Only Ads

    Google Call Only Ads

    Google now has a new ad type called "call only ads" that have a unique ability to only allow the searcher to tap on your ad to call your phone number directly. With mobile searches now outnumbering desktop searches, this type of ad will show up to the smart phone users that are now eclipsing the desktop users who are unable to make a phone call. This type of ad makes sense as users will be able to get to the business or service they are searchng for faster. - or does it? We put these new ads to the test with a few of our SEM clients offering them the opportunity to try this new advertising option.

  • 10 Year Business Anniversary

    Are the words you live by also the words you work by? For us we always try our best to keep things fresh, both in the client work and non-client work we do at Geoffresh. Ten years down the road, that goal still holds true because we're nothing like we were back in 2007.

    Green sapling in hand

  • A Review of Highlights from this year's Discover Tinley Park Expo 


    2017 Discover Tinley Park Expo - Geoffresh
    Founders Geoffrey and Stephanie Pyrzynski are all smiles at the Tinley Park Convention Center.

    Saturday, April 8th was the annual Discover Tinley Park Expo, a trade show of sorts that gives local businesses and organizations an opportunity to reach people they might not always reach with traditional and digital promotion.

  • Geoffrey Pyrzynski and Stephanie Pyrzynski from Geoffresh Inc. Internet Marketing are on TV! 

    We are so excited by this opportunity to talk about how we can help Tinley Park and the surrounding area! Watch as we discuss our plans for the future of Geoffresh Inc. as well as more information as we are interviewed. Share the link to this page if you know of someone who you think would be interested and is looking to refresh their online strategies.

    Hosted by Maureen Cipolla, the Tinley Park Chamber Spotlight features interviews with local businesses and organizations every month. You can catch the 30-minute program daily at 2:30 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m on Comcast Channel 4 and U-Verse Channel 99. 


    Geoffresh Interview on Tinley Park Public Television
    Geoffresh Interview on Tinley Park Public Television, March 2017

    Let our SEO Web Design Company help your business get known.  

    Contact us today to get started on your SEO Website.


  • Should You Change All Of Your Ads To Google Expanded Text Ads?

    Google Expanded Text Ad Example

  • Geoffresh Inc Affordable Internet Marketing Logo

    Google Expanded Text Ads SEM Case Study

    In August of 2016, google had released an update to its standard text ads. These took the ads from a single headline of 25 characters, and two description lines of 35 characters to two headlines at 30 characters and a single description line at 80 characters. This was a major change that came with the claim that CTR could increase dramatically. We decided to test it out to see if there is a massive performance increase with these ads. We approached some of our exisiting clients to try out the nw format to see if there was an increase in performance. 


  • Geoffresh Inc Affordable Internet Marketing Logo

    Case Study: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Advertising Case Study For Local Entertainment Business 

  • 2016 may be the year that marketing and business sectors figure out how to navigate the chaos of an ever advancing digital world.

  • Defining Business Success Is Difficult These Days

    Since technology has distrupted all industries how profit is made has changed. How success is defined has changed too.

  • What's the story with the celebrity fragrance business? Here's an effort to better understand it and decipher the mystery of it's quiet marketing.

  • How Businesses Are Using SEM The Wrong Way With These Common Top 5 SEM Advertising Mistakes

    To piggy back off of our popular How to Use SEO the Wrong Wayarticle, I wanted to continue writing on the search results page and what we've seen.

  • Affordable Internet Marketing

    Affordable Internet Marketing Brings More Customers To Your Business For As Low As $100! 

    With affordable internet marketing, we bring customers to your website within your budget. With this service, we place ads on the search engines and websites to get your product or services known in a creative fashion. This will garner additional customers who are actively searching for your products or services  - by appearing at the top of the search results page. Potential customers who are browsing their favorite websites can be greeted with a creative display ad. In addition, you can reach your target audience when they are on their favorite mobile app or game, or even on a video viewing website such as YouTube!

    People search every day on the search engines —over 1 billion searches a month! It's not possible to show up for every search result naturally, but it's important to show up when it counts. With Affordable Internet Marketing, we grab your customer's attention and help you stay at the top of their search results, mobile apps, and on their favorite websites.


    The Keys to Happiness - by Stephanie Pyrzynski 

    Originally featured and published on LinkedIn:

    My name is Stephanie Pyrzynski (née Jevtić), and I am 25 years old.

    I am Vice President of Geoffresh Inc. and I'm entering my final year at Loyola University's School of Communications Masters program in digital media and storytelling.

    This program is the first of its kind. I was actually with the first class to graduate from the program, however I have been self-financing my education and have only been able to be a part-time student. I came to communications, marketing, and public relations after I finished my undergraduate program. You could say that mine was a path filled with hesitation and fear. I started as an applied psychology major at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I finished with that major, as well as earning a minor in French. However, I graduated knowing that I had changed over the course of 4 years and my original plan of being the next influential psychologist had lost steam. What I did not know was where the key to my happiness had gone.

    When you're young (say 5 years old) it seems we all know what makes us happy and then somewhere in adolescence we lose the key to our vehicle, so-to-speak. I think the root cause is fear and believing that if we don't follow a safe route we could lose everything we've worked for. For the longest time I had this cautious mentality, but being cautious always left me feeling amiss despite outwardly having it all together. If you don't make mistakes you lose yourself and become someone you think you should be. Whatever you're trying to achieve or project will be most successful if it comes from a place that others can feel is authentic and genuine. What I've learned in this business, and in life so far is that the key to your happiness lies in what fuels you, which inevitably is what you love.

    I love my husband Geoff and I love being creative. When I decided to stop chickening out and be more than friends with him, it was after I figured myself out and worked in the real world for a while. I worked in healthcare with the public, and that position gave me something school could not, and that was self-knowledge. I learned more about myself outside of school. I think school is for those who know what their purpose is, so when I applied to Loyola it was with purpose and passion because I was ready to utilize school the right way. I never would've dreamed that I'd be able to apply my creativity and everything that I'm learning at school so quickly. Geoffresh Inc. gives me the creative outlet I was looking for, and I get to work with the love of my life.

    Geoffresh Inc. was originally my husband's dream. Geoffrey Pyrzynski (who I just married about 2 months ago on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Line) started Geoffresh in 2007, back at our alma mater, the University of Illinois at Chicago. He was the guy who would help neighbors, friends, and whoever needed help with technology problems. Eventually it became where he would be the person that would help your cousin with his website, edit video for your uncle, transfer old videos to digital copies for your mother, etc. His parents, professors, and mentors encouraged him to take his entrepreneurial vision seriously. And so he took Geoffresh from a side business to an internet corporation in 5 years. Today we are an internet marketing corporation that specializes in web development, video production, brand strategy, and social media.

    We have a fresh approach to marketing that is all about creating engaging and original content for people. Our clients are small businesses and large businesses. We believe in working with our clients directly, and no matter what their budget our mission is to develop something that they love and that appeals to the human experience. As I said, whatever your trying to achieve or project will be most successful if it comes from a place that others can feel is authentic and genuine. That's our key to staying fresh here at Geoffresh.

  • Geoffresh Inc.

    On March 11 of this year, 2014, Geoffresh Productions became incorporated. 

    We are proud to reveal our brand's new logo.

    When Geoffresh Productions was founded in 2007, the public was more aware of online marketing but it was still secondary to the number one traditional platform for marketing and advertising: broadcast television. It's no surprise that this past year, online marketing and advertising has surpassed broadcast television for the first time.

  • Geoffresh Video Director and contributor, Stephanie Jevtic

    Geoffresh Inc. Industry News

    You may be an independent business owner, unsure of where to start with web and video marketing for your brand. Start by staying current with current industry news, trends and standards at

    If you have an established business with a solid brand reputation, but you need a fresh perspective, then you've come to the right place to get ideas to optimize your brand.

    Industry News is a bi-weekly digest on the Geoffresh News Page where you will learn about what world leaders are doing in tech industries, such as social media, internet marketing, web design and development, and the most powerful brand tool: video marketing.

    Geoffresh is not just about helping you with creating powerful videos and designing attractive websites for you, it's also meant to give you the tools and knowledge to be able to be independent and a well informed business owner.

    After all, "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination," said Albert Einstein.

    If you have the tools but don't know how to use them to their fullest capabilities, you will never reach your full potential. Stayig informed with Geoffresh Industry News, you will learn what you've missed and stay in the loop with what's yet to come.

    Stay tuned for our first article. Next week you'll hear from Geoff himself. He'll be talking about the technical side of things, the most important part to web video marketing.

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