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  • Lucky Number 13 — Geoffresh Celebrates 13 Years In Business

    Lucky Number 13 —  Geoffresh Celebrates 13 Years In Business

    Lucky Number 13 Business Anniversary

  • Marketing Your Business Online During The Coronavirus

    Marketing Your Business Online During The Coronavirus

    Life changed on March 10th.

  • Handling Social Media as U.S. President

    Handling Social Media as U.S. President

    Inauguration day is symbolically the transfer of power from one president to the next, but there's another transfer that takes place that day too: a transfer of social media. 

  • Combine And Minify JS and CSS To Optimize Website Speed

    Combine And Minify JS and CSS To Optimize Website Speed

    Combining And Minifying JS and CSS Can Optimize Your Website Speed

    On a website, sometimes the largest files are the javascript (JS) and the cascading style sheets (CSS). There also tends to be many of them due to the different applications and components that make your website functional. Each of them count as an additional HTTP request needed by the browser. For example, if you have 10 JS files and 10 CSS files that are needed, then there will be a total of 20 individual requests just for JS and CSS. 

  • HTAccess File Website Speed Optimization

    HT Access File Website Speed Optimization

    Improving Website Performance By Optimizing Your HTAccess File

    One of the lesser known optimization methods for improving website loading speed is to work on a file that lives on your server. This special file is called the .htaccess file. This is usually a hidden file (hence the "." before the name of the file. Placing a dot before the file name will hide the file from regular viewing, so you will need to make sure your host or your FTP software can see hidden files like this. This file is hidden for good reason. It can break your website in an instant if used improperly. 

  • Laying A Foundation For Better Digital Measurement, Today and Tomorrow

    How To Make Your Digital Measurement Better

    A mistake we run into time and time again with different businesses is poor measurement, whether it be with their website, social media, and/or online advertising.

  • SEO Web Design Case Study - SEO Blog For A Specialty Medical Practice Brings In More Qualifed Visitors

    Geoffresh Inc SEO Web Design Case StudySEO Web Design Case Study - SEO Blog For A Specialty Medical Practice Brings In More Qualifed Visitors


    While performing the SEO and content creation for one of our clients, we were able to bring them more qualified traffic to their website through our new initiative: an SEO blog. Our client uses our SEO Web Design and Internet Marketing Consulting Packages to achieve their success.

    Blogs can be seen as a chore for businesses, but they do hold hidden potential. It allows the business to have a more conversational voice with their readers and potential clients, patients, or customers. It allows the business to show that they really are constantly moving forward and not just working in a vacuum. In addition, by applying our SEO to their blog, we were able to get additional traffic to land deeper into their website and not just the homepage.

  • What Businesses Need In Their Promotion to Compete in the Digital Age

    What Businesses Need To Compete In The Digital Age

    Where Your Business Is At Factors Into What Type Of Promotion You Should Try and How Much to Execute

    Digital has created a shift in industries, so now the way to win more business has become more exciting and unpredictable.

  • How Marketing Works With Press Coverage To Boost Traffic To A Website

    How Marketing Works With Press Coverage To Boost Traffic To A Website

    In this article I want to show, using a personal example, how the right press can help your website reach more people by using principles from PR and digital marketing.

  • What's Missing in Digital Communication Today

    what's missing in digital communicationsDigital Communication Today

  • Why You Don't Have To Try So Hard With Social Media Presence

    A Less Is More Approach To Building Your Social Media Presence

    The social landscape evolves quickly, but one thing remains timeless: less is more.

  • What Does It Mean To Be Data Driven?

    Why Are We A Data Driven Digital Marketing Agency?

    Data has always been a driving force here at Geoffresh. To us being data driven means taking information and applying it in tactical or strategic ways that help businesses navigate their vision for their business.

  • Why Marketing Is Not A Dirty Word

    Why marketing is not a dirty word

    It's not the first time that I've come across a piece of writing online that in some way bashes marketing, but this little sentence really boiled my blood recently, "All successful brands are built on product, not marketing."

  • Geoffresh Walks In 2017 Tinley Park Holiday Parade

    2017 Tinley Park Holiday Parade of Lights

    December 3rd, 2017 the twentieth Annual Tinley Park Holiday Parade of Lights took place. The culmination of a weekend full of holiday events in historic downtown Tinley Park.

  • How To Not Let Employee Social Media Use Affect Your Business

    Educate your employees about social media instead of policing them. 

  • "Is Social Media A Waste of Money?" Put To The Test

    Is Social Media A Waste of Money?


    This past summer we almost lost the love of our life, our puppy Sammie.

  • Why Social Media Disclaimers Don't Protect Your Business 100%

    Social Media Disclaimer   - Not 100% Full-Proof

    The intended audience for a social media disclaimer are online users. The disclaimer notifies users about everything possible that you could get sued for in layman's terms.

  • Digital Audits for Your Business - Geoffresh Consulting

    Digital Audits for Your Business

    Digital audits have become a high-demand digital service over the past ten years. One of the reasons is because many times they can reveal holes in your current digital programs and efforts. 

    Although they are not impossible for a regular person to do, the biggest obstacles businesses face in auditing their current digital efforts (or the work of their agency or consultant's work) are:


  • When to Enlist the Help of an Internet Marketing Company

    Why An Internet Marketing Company Is What You Need

    We've become so adept at using digital tools like apps, smartphones and social media that most of us think we can figure anything out on our own. Why then, with our daily use of digital tools and applications, would a company need to enlist the services of an Internet Marketing Company?

  • Social Media Case Study: Healthcare Organization

    Case Study: Building a Brand Roadmap for Successful Social Media Reputation Management and Programs for a Healthcare Organization

    Geoffresh Inc. 

    June 2017

    SEO is the corner stone of an effective website, but social media is the corner stone of a successful online brand image. We were able to help a healthcare organization turn the boat around for their online image by developing a brand roadmap for online reputation management and helping them set up and manage all aspects of their social media profiles. This case study covers the first year (2015) of our ongoing work with our client on their social media reputation and programs.

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