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  • Lucky Number 13 — Geoffresh Celebrates 13 Years In Business

    Lucky Number 13 —  Geoffresh Celebrates 13 Years In Business

    Lucky Number 13 Business Anniversary

  • Looks VS SEO Web Design

    Geoffresh Inc SEO Web Design Case Study

    SEO Web Design vs. Pretty Web Design — The Cost Of Going With What Looks Good VS What Performs

    When it comes down to web design, some companies prefer to have a great looking website over having an SEO website (translation: search engine optimized website). In this case study, we look at what happens when a company switches their strategy from SEO web design to only a "looks forward" and flashy website design.

  • Website Speed Increase With Async And Defer

    Website Speed Increase With Async And Defer

    Use Async And Defer To Speed Up Your Website

    JavaScript and CSS files can be some of the largest files on your website. While they are needed for the functionality and the look of your website, they can also slow it down pretty intensely. In a previous article, we talked about combining and minifying these can help with increasing the speed of your website, however, there are 2 more methods that you can use to help improve the website performance with regard to these files — async and defer. 

  • Website Caching For Improved Performance

    Website Caching For Decreased Loading Times. 

    Caching is the saving of specific elements on your website so they do not need to be "re-built". This can be very effective in speeding up your website as these elements do not need to be regenerated.

  • Optimizing Website Speed - Website Loading Speed

    Optimizing Website Speed - A Recommendations Guide To Increasing Website Loading Speed

    While you are building your website, it's important to consider how it navigates and looks, but also how it performs in terms of speed. While you can always remove items from your webpage and be cognizant of what items to load on the page, there are a few techniques that can help your webpage still have all of the items needed on it and still run fast.

  • Over Optimized Website - The Dangers Of Too Much Optimization

    The Dangers Of An Over Optimized Website

    Today there are many different options that you hear about to help make your website faster and more appealing to humans. No one likes a slow website, but how fast is too fast? Is there a limit or should you just keep enabling everything that you can to make your website load in the shortest amount of time possible?

  • SEO Web Design Case Study - SEO Blog For A Specialty Medical Practice Brings In More Qualifed Visitors

    Geoffresh Inc SEO Web Design Case StudySEO Web Design Case Study - SEO Blog For A Specialty Medical Practice Brings In More Qualifed Visitors


    While performing the SEO and content creation for one of our clients, we were able to bring them more qualified traffic to their website through our new initiative: an SEO blog. Our client uses our SEO Web Design and Internet Marketing Consulting Packages to achieve their success.

    Blogs can be seen as a chore for businesses, but they do hold hidden potential. It allows the business to have a more conversational voice with their readers and potential clients, patients, or customers. It allows the business to show that they really are constantly moving forward and not just working in a vacuum. In addition, by applying our SEO to their blog, we were able to get additional traffic to land deeper into their website and not just the homepage.

  • SEO Web Design - When To Use No Index

    In SEO Web Design, It's OK to use No Index on some pages

    Usually in SEO, you want as many pages as possible to be indexed and added to the search results pages. So why use a no index tag?

  • What Is SEO Web Design

    What is SEO web design or search engine optimized web design?

    SEO Web Design is the deployment of SEO research strategy to both influence the design and development of the website. In other words, while a website is in the design phase, the SEO team is researching key phrases, content, structure, and user flow.

  • Does Time On Site Matter

    Does this top metric that businesses look at "Time On Site," really matter?  

    One of the top line metrics that businesses look at is "Time On Site", or average session duration. It's a unique value that tells you how long the average user is spending on your website. How important is this metric? In the overall business objective of increasing sales, signups, or contacts, how does this metric stack up?

     Time On Site

  • GDPR Newsletters and GDPR Safety

    What is the biggest concern we are noticing about the GDPR? — Newsletters!

  • What Does It Mean To Be Data Driven?

    Why Are We A Data Driven Digital Marketing Agency?

    Data has always been a driving force here at Geoffresh. To us being data driven means taking information and applying it in tactical or strategic ways that help businesses navigate their vision for their business.

  • Choosing A Web Designer – Questions You Need To Ask

    Choosing A Web Designer – 7 Questions You Need To Ask

    Picking a web designer can be a difficult decision, particularly because there are so many web designers to choose from. 

  • Geoffresh Walks In 2017 Tinley Park Holiday Parade

    2017 Tinley Park Holiday Parade of Lights

    December 3rd, 2017 the twentieth Annual Tinley Park Holiday Parade of Lights took place. The culmination of a weekend full of holiday events in historic downtown Tinley Park.

  • Website Layout Looking Familiar? Websites Are Starting To Look All The Same

    As someone who works primarily with websites, I'm starting to see a trend in website layout.

    website layout designOver the past few years I've noticed something strange about the way websites look and many other people are feeling the same way, website layouts are looking strange.

  • How to Do SEO Keyword Research

    How to Do SEO Keyword Research That Gets Your Content Found Online

     This article was originally published in PR News' first volume of Google for Communicators Guidebook, August 2017.

  • SEO Web Design Case Study: Dental Website

    Case Study: SEO Website Design For A Dental Practice

    Geoffresh Inc. 

    July 2017

    Read about how we helped a dental practice generate more patient visits to their brick-and-mortar business through a redesign of their practice website. We were able to fully redesign the client's website with an SEO-first approach to attract people who were searching for their services in a very competitive location. 

  • 10 Year Business Anniversary - Geoffresh Inc. Internet Marketing

    10 Year Business Anniversary

    Are the words you live by also the words you work by? For us we always try our best to keep things fresh, both in the client work and non-client work we do at Geoffresh. Ten years down the road, that goal still holds true because we're nothing like we were back in 2007.

    Green sapling in hand

  • 2017 Discover Tinley Park Expo Review

    A Review of Highlights from this year's Discover Tinley Park Expo 


    2017 Discover Tinley Park Expo - Geoffresh
    Founders Geoffrey and Stephanie Pyrzynski are all smiles at the Tinley Park Convention Center.

    Saturday, April 8th was the annual Discover Tinley Park Expo, a trade show of sorts that gives local businesses and organizations an opportunity to reach people they might not always reach with traditional and digital promotion.

  • Geoffresh Inc. Internet Marketing on TV

    Geoffrey Pyrzynski and Stephanie Pyrzynski from Geoffresh Inc. Internet Marketing are on TV! 

    We are so excited by this opportunity to talk about how we can help Tinley Park and the surrounding area! Watch as we discuss our plans for the future of Geoffresh Inc. as well as more information as we are interviewed. Share the link to this page if you know of someone who you think would be interested and is looking to refresh their online strategies.

    Hosted by Maureen Cipolla, the Tinley Park Chamber Spotlight features interviews with local businesses and organizations every month. You can catch the 30-minute program daily at 2:30 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m on Comcast Channel 4 and U-Verse Channel 99. 


    Geoffresh Interview on Tinley Park Public Television
    Geoffresh Interview on Tinley Park Public Television, March 2017

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