Digital Marketing In A Post COVID Economy

3 Smart Ways to Pivot Your Business Right Now & Beyond A Post COVID Economy

Time to stand out in a way that is cost effective and enjoyable for your team and your target market audience.

Last month I was invited to speak at Morraine Valley College and at the Village of Tinley Park's weekly Business Breakfast, and I wanted to share with you the wisdom I shared with them. Here are 3 smart ways to pivot your digital marketing in a COVID economy right now and beyond. 

Pivoting Your Business With Relationship Marketing 

At Morraine Valley I spoke to the Medical Assistant Program Advisory Committee, advising the faculty and administrators in maintaining the viability of the program by pointing out the latest trends and practices in digital marketing. And the big take away for them was Relationship Marketing; they had never heard of it, but it struck a chord with them.

Relationship marketing is a slow cooking method to earning loyalty and growing a solid business foundation. In my experience, success with relationship marketing is focused on human connection and authenticity. It's a form of lead generation that comes if meant to be. After all, not worrying about what you can't control is healthy and relationships marketing is about getting the right leads.

I recommended the committee to enlist the help of current and past students in the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) program to catch the interest of potential students through social media. The principle here is nurturing existing relationships that alums have in their real lives rather than for the college to do a cold-call type reaching out. 

Pivoting Your Business With Social Media

I also advised the MOA committee and the businesses who attended the Village of Tinley Park's weekly Business Breakfast to change up their social media content in a way that is cost effective and enjoyable for them and their target audience.

For example, I instructed the MOA committee to post fun and creative behind the scenes content that showcases how the program betters the lives of past and current students. Afterall, social media is a virtual agora, a public gathering place where people can connect and learn. And like in any public place where you want to make a good impression, a good mix of professionality and personality gets results. And I told the committee not to feel pressure to post every day on social media either. The equation I have come up with after over 8 years of experience is Spontaneity + Strategy = Your goal. Have fun with your social media, experiment and always test the waters. Stick with what works, drop what doesn't, and keep finding fresh and dynamic ways to show what you do and stand for. You'll attract the right people with this method.

So the big take away for the Morraine Valley Medical Assistant program was to work together with MOA students (past and present) to show Morraine Valley's desire to meet the needs of its students; show a window into their program at the college and in the lives of alumni because relationship marketing works best with rich content that is authentic and genuine. 

Pivoting Your Business With SEO

The strategy that most caught the ears of the business owners that attended the Business Breakfast the Village of Tinley Park hosts every week was SEO. 

SEO naturally brings customers to websites that do what they are seeking. In many ways SEO is about integrity and brands that run their businesses with integrity survive in the long run.

Similar to relationship marketing, SEO is setting a foundation, a beacon for your website— an investment that will serve your website and digital marketing efforts indefinitely by lighting the way for the right audience. Conversely, search engine marketing (otherwise known as search advertising) is like hanging ornaments on a christmas tree for a short burst of a period of time to attract attention. 

If you would like to like to learn more about strategies and tactics that can help your business get through COVID-19 conditions and help your business soar when the world returns to normal, contact us for a free discovery call.