Tinley Park Patch Geoffresh Inc Recognized

Tinley Park Patch Takes Notice Of What Geoffresh Is Doing To Provide Relief During COVID-19

Thank you to the Tinley Park Patch and editor Yasmeen Sheikah for sharing about how Geoffresh is helping businesses during COVID-19 with our low cost $1,000/year website service offering.

You can read the full interview of us at the Tinley Park Patch here.

Here is a short excerpt from the full article:

"TINLEY PARK, IL — Many small and local businesses amid COVID-19 have become victims of the pandemic as well. A Tinley Park couple is trying to help businesses around the area bounce back and grow during these uncertain times.

Geoffrey and Stephanie Pyrzynski created Geoffresh, an online marketing and SEO web design site, designed to help businesses grow online. Geoffrey specializes in technical and mechanical areas, while Stephanie specializes in public relations strategy and design, according to the website. Together, they make a team that can successfully help businesses grow online.

Stephanie said she has been living in Tinley Park for six years and wants to help businesses grow in the area and beyond.

"I want to help my new hometown because I truly believe that a town is only as awesome as its people make it," Stephanie said. "Being brave enough to be there for each other and raise each other up is not easy. There are a lot of hurtful people out there, but I believe you have to keep an open heart and keep doing good to others even if you don’t get anything in return…what you do get as a giver is a lot better."

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