Psychic Website Showcase 1000 a year

What A $1,000/Year Website Can Be

One the treats for us at Geoffresh is the opportunity to explore new worlds so to speak, through our client work. We get to learn about different industries as we put our feet in their shoes to build a website, design a logo, etc.. For instance, the newest website we recently built and search optimized was for a psychic! 

Psychic Website Showcase 

The reason this particular website bears writing about is because it is the first website that we’ve built at our new SEO Web Design Refresh Tier, which costs only $1,000 per year—no hidden fees, no surprises, no tricks.The impetus for this new service tier was to help struggling businesses stay afloat through COVID-19. It's also a great spring board for established and new businesses looking for a fresh start in the right direction, at a lighter scale.


Paulena, whose moniker is Fort Lauderdale Psychic, is totally PSYCHED for Halloween next week, with the triple-threat website we built her. At $1,000/year, her website was designed using UX principles for Function, with a Fresh look she chose, and optimal search engine FINDABILITY (built-in from the start!), she now has a personal brand that can put her in the national spotlight. For psychics especially, work spikes in October, so this new website for Fort Lauderdale psychic could not have come into her life at a better time; she's sure to do good business this Halloween season. 

Backed By Data, No Hocus Pocus

With analytics tracking baked into her new website as well, we can show how our SEO-first approach takes this particular client's website to a whole new dimension. Fort Lauderdale Psychic can check 24/7 on her client dashboard to see how many calls and visitors she is actually getting to make appointments with her through her new website. 

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P.S. ICYMI, we were interviewed by the Tinley Park Patch about our new $1,000/year service tier. You can read the entire interview here.