Out of Office Christmas Holiday - Why You Should Stop Worrying About Holiday Posts In Your Social Media Plan

Why You Should Stop Worrying About Holiday Posts In Your Social Media Plan

'Tis the season to think before you post and skip worrying about the perfect holiday posts. 

In the last 4 years it's been interesting to witness how much less and less important social media has became to businesses big and small. What might really sound unusual for you to hear is that big brands are putting even less stock in social media. Social media for them has become a small part of their larger marketing initiatives. Metaphorically, social media has become a sort of billboard or commercial space into which they invest money for simply keeping brand recognition up, and ROI expectations are low. This is not to say to stop posting on social media or that it holds no value. Rather, that it's important to reassess how you want to continue using it. 

Instead of stressing about making the perfect holiday posts for Hanukkah, Christmas, Božić, Kwanza, etc.—first spend some time looking at your analytics. The proof is in the pudding as they say, and this winter season we hope you enjoy some figgy pudding rather than be stuck slaving away for very little return on your precious time investment. When you fully understand what's been delivering your goals for you, then you can remap how you want to spend your efforts. 

Read our classic article The Mystery of the Aloof Companies if you want to learn more about the light social media strategy. If you're looking for help managing your social media, schedule a free consultation with us.

Social media in the grand scheme of your marketing & PR is the least of your worries, unless you're a controversial public figure who has been foolishly overusing social media to their detriment.

A lot about social media has changed in the last 15 years or so of its existence—even you've probably noticed on your own personal social media profiles, a steep decline in post engagements from your friends and followers. In the early days, putting together kick-butt social media graphics and videos for all the different holidays each year was de rigeur and a fun challenge. But the institution of algorithms across all the social media networks has completely undone the original form and function of them.

Marketing is still an essential to converting attention into positive actions for our clients. But time is definitely being better spent on other marketing initiatives now, as social media is lower on our marketing tasks list. So we encourage your business to really study how much traffic and conversions Instagram and your other social media accounts have actually been bringing you in the last 4 years or less.