PR News Guidebook Google For Communications

Geoffresh VP and Co-owner Stephanie Pyrzynski Breaks Down SEO in New Google Guidebook 

The PR News Group is in their own words "a daily intellectual hub that serves the communications and marketing community at corporations, agencies and nonprofits." In the first chapter of their very first volume of their "Google for Communicators Guidebook" is a collection of articles written by experts in the discipline of search engine optimization (SEO). Geoffresh VP and co-owner Stephanie Pyrzynski lent her expertise by writing on the subject of keyword research in the article entitled "How to Do SEO Keyword Research That Enhances the Impact of Your Writing." 

The guidebook covers many high interest areas of digital marketing such as SEO, Google Analytics, YouTube, Google AdWords, and more. The guidebook is available for purchase on the PR News website. If you enjoy writing and want to better understand how to harness SEO to enhance your reach, definitely give her article a read.