Geoffresh SEO Web Design Case Study

Geoffresh Inc SEO Web Design Case StudySEO Web Design Case Study:

SEO Blog For A Specialty Medical Practice Delivers Qualified Visitors

May 2019

While performing the SEO and content creation for one of our clients who uses our SEO Web Design and Internet Marketing Consulting Packages, we were able to bring them more qualified traffic to their website through our new initiative: an SEO blog. 

Blogs can be seen as a chore for businesses, but they do hold hidden potential. It allows the business to have a more conversational voice with their readers and potential clients, patients, or customers. It allows the business to show that they really are constantly moving forward and not just working in a vacuum. In addition, by applying our SEO to their blog, we were able to get additional traffic to land deeper into their website and not just the homepage.

More Qualified Visitors And Patients

One of the first benefits that the client had noticed was they were receiving calls and e-mails from more qualified people wishing to get eye surgery. Previously, the most highly ranked page on their website was a page that offered a coupon for people who's insurance did not qualify for a procedure. 

This resulted in more calls to their office, but many people were just asking for the coupon to use at another eye surgery practice. This was not the case all the time, but it did give us a chance to switch strategies. 

We wanted to create SEO content that had shown that they are industry leaders who are constantly looking for news regarding the eye surgery industry. It gave them a voice as well, allowing for additional SEO content to be generated.

One of the most significant pieces of content was a blog series about the "Top 10 Eye Diseases An Eye Exam Can Diagnose." The main article itself spoke about how important it is to have an eye exam and then there were links out to each of the diseases in that series. This allowed a single point for people to read up on all of them yet have the ability to read further in depth. 

This came at the perfect time as the market for their terms they were ranking for was soon to be very competitive. They started to slip down the page slightly (position 1 to position 5) and their traffic to that page went down as well. During this time, the SEO blog started to really pick up steam and they started to get a massive increase in traffic and goal completions from their "Top 10 Eye Diseases An Eye Exam Can Diagnose." Since the new SEO article is up, we have seen a 25% increase in traffic to the website due to this page in the last 6 months and 11% increase of pageviews across their entire website compared to the last 6 months. 

 SEO Blog Bringing In More Qualified Traffic

Additional Benefit: SEO Links To Their Website

One of the added benefits from this is other doctors, bloggers, and people started to see our client as a business they would like to refer traffic to by linking back. Our client is now receiving traffic from bloggers who are interested in diseases, bloggers who write about eyes and surgery, and doctors who have a podcast who link to them on their podcast summary page and reference their findings. All of this generated more traffic to their website, and more qualified patients contacting them.

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