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10 Year Business Anniversary

Are the words you live by also the words you work by? For us we always try our best to keep things fresh, both in the client work and non-client work we do at Geoffresh. Ten years down the road, that goal still holds true because we're nothing like we were back in 2007.

What's in a name that would smell as fresh?

Did you know that back in 2007 Geoffresh was a video production house that went by the name Imperial Hawk Productions? What you know now as the digital marketing/internet marketing agency based in the Chicago southwest suburb of Tinley Park, offering search engine optimization, social media, search engine marketing and branding services started by offering video production services exclusively.
Geoffresh Video Production Geoffrey Pyrzynski - September 2011
"Keep it simple, keep it honest, keep it fresh." — Geoffrey Pyrzynski 

"A good marketing company will have an ability to engage with your company and its clientele, and have transparent reporting and a willingness to do things differently to achieve results. Accredited marketers won’t make unreasonable, illogical or boastful promises. They will make realistic and accurate assertions, then work hard to fulfill those goals. In marketing, as in elsewhere in life, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."

Source: Russell Burnett for Forbes originally published online May 2, 2017

Imperial Hawk Productions was the brainchild of a student of Business Administration and Computer Science with a passion for video storytelling, namely Geoffrey Pyrzynski. His research at the University of Illinois at Chicago on content management systems caught the notice of Google but he didn't want to pursue Silicon Valley. He wanted to pursue bringing digital marketing and technology to businesses in his hometown. To start he focused on showcasing what could be done on a lighter budget with video production.

Geoffresh Logo 2012ˈJēf-frēsh

Geoffresh stands for Geoff the person and fresh for our shared approach and philosophy. In a field where innovation is a constant, learning is a must to keep our skills fresh and staying at the cutting edge of digital trends a necessity to provide the most efficient solutions to our client needs. In ten years we've seen a change in how small and mid-size businesses perceive and feel about digital marketing and internet marketing. They understand that it's not necessarily an expensive or unattainable investment and a large part of that has to do with marketing agencies like ours, who have brought digital down-to-earth and helped our clients understand and feel comfortable with what is largely unfamiliar.

Appealing to the Human Experience

Geoffresh Logo 2016Understanding the human experience and applying that to how you develop and market a brand differentiates successful businesses from unsuccessful businesses, big and small. Big budgets and beautiful content don't guarantee sales. Connecting with people, in ways that genuinely affect them, long term builds trust and affinity for your business.  

Why the Human Element Matters in Digital Marketing

The various perspectives an individual may hold and the factors that lead to those views and feelings impacts how they interpret marketing put in front of them. Marketing should not be annoying, it should introduce something in a way that reflects and touches the interest and drive of its intended audience. Marketing that appeals to the human experience is a big part of how we continually deliver fresh content and ideas to our client businesses. Appealing to the human at the other end of their message gives them the best chance at standing out from their competition, so that they have the best chance to gain new and sustaining business.

So that's what we've been doing for ten years, and we're going to keep helping people achieve the full potential of their businesses.