Lucky Number 13 —  Geoffresh Celebrates 13 Years In Business

Lucky Number 13 Business Anniversary

We did it! 13 years in business, Geoff Fresh. We've already explained our story back in that Geoffresh 10 year anniversary article, and on our about page; so I just want to keep this short... Geoff, you always say that the number 13 is your lucky number, and I think it's true. Take this morning for example—a bird pooped on your green Geoffresh leather jacket! If that's not a sign then I don't know what is...You started this back in 2007 when you were fresh yourself, Geoff Fresh—and now we've grown, not just as business but as a family.

Geoffresh 13th Year Collage

(From left to right) Geoffrey found the original Geoffresh t-shirt from 2007. Eileah taking over the office. Geoff pointing to the bird poop that landed on his Geoffresh green leather jacket the morning of our anniversary.

No one can know what's next for us in the next 13 years or so. But whatever happens to us I know we're going to try our best...we're going to try our best to help other businesses and we're always going to try to be the best we can be too...We're always going to stay fresh, as if we just started.

Thank you to all of our clients, friends, and families for your continuous support in helping us achieve remarkable success. It has been an incredible 13 years. 

Stay tuned to see what 2020 has in store for Geoffresh.