Google PageSpeed Experience Updates

Page Experience—Now Even More Important Than Ever For Ranking On Google

In May of 2021 Google will be releasing an update that will influence rank based on user experience (UX) —one of which is Page Speed.

One of the items we like to talk about a lot is the speed of your website. We’ve written a few articles previously regarding all the website speed techniques you can employ and the dangers of implementing them incorrectly, but with the new update coming from Google concerning Page Experience, it's important to re-emphasize why it's important to make sure that you are employing these techniques.

Page speed plays a huge part in user experience and one way to see what's holding back your website is a tool Google has released called, Pagespeed Insights to help webmasters understand what items on a website needs to be improved in order to rank well.

In addition, this tool is defaulted to see how the website performs on mobile —which further shows that Google is ranking websites on how they perform on mobile first. Meaning that even if you are accessing your website on a desktop computer and it runs really great —that won’t matter unless it ALSO runs just as fast on a mobile device. So when you are thinking of your website in terms of page speed, the mobile version is what needs to be most scrutinized.

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