What is the WebP Format and Why Is It Important?

What Is The WebP Format and Why Is It Important?

There is a unique image format out there that you might start encountering more often called, the WebP format. This format is similar to what you would encounter when viewing a PNG or JPG image. But these other formats have been around for so long, do we really need another format?

WebP Format and Compression

The WebP format differs from PNGs and JPGs because this format was specifically designed for websites, hence the “Web” in the name “WebP”. Since images tend to make up the largest portion of web page size, this format allows for better image compression, which results in smaller file sizes. Using better compressed images can have a significant impact on how fast your webpage loads!

Website Speed and SEO Improvement

It’s no secret that both humans and the search engines like fast websites. However, the search engines will give you a boost in rankings with a faster website than your competitors! Our article on website performance enhancements explores this further. 

So it’s important to have your website optimized to not only give a good experience to your customers, but also to rise up the rankings on the search engines.

All Geoffresh Websites Will Have WebP Formatted Images For SEO Boost

At Geoffresh Inc., we use the WebP format on all our managed websites. Meaning, if you get an SEO website through us, our servers will optimize your images in the new WebP format so your website doesn’t just look good but works optimally!

If you are interested in an SEO website that has this new format, contact us today!