SEO Web Design

What is SEO web design or search engine optimized web design?

SEO Web Design is the deployment of SEO research strategy to both influence the design and development of the website. In other words, while a website is in the design phase, the SEO team is researching key phrases, content, structure, and user flow.

Using the findings from the SEO research influences the design decisions of the website. SEO has to work with the technology of the website, and this means that the actual use of the website such as purchases, appointment scheduling, contact forms, user forum, etc. have to work together with the SEO findings in order to make the user experience easy and intuitive.

What is the benefit of SEO web design?

The big benefit of SEO web design is getting a great SEO base to allow higher natural rankings on the search engines with a positive and frustration-free user flow. That’s a lot for one sentence! So there are two parts, starting toward better rankings and a better user flow.

With SEO, the first time a search engine spider visits a page on your website it gives you a score. This score influences where you end up on the search engine results page. If you have good SEO from the start, you don’t have any negative marks against you and will rise up the search results page much quicker or solidify your high rankings from the start! If you launch a website without SEO, you will have negative marks against your website and it will be much harder to rise up the rankings than if you did not have these negative marks.

With user flow, you gain the ability to not frustrate your users. With standard design, the pages you want on your website will be there, but they might not be organized properly. With SEO web design, the structure and page connections are analyzed to allow for users to easily find the items they want on your website.

We will only design a website with SEO included at Geoffresh Inc. Watch Geoffrey talk more about this with the Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce.

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